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Sunday's Riddle (4/19/15)

Though I don’t wear pants I do have some suits
I have royal blood well within my roots.
Though I’m not a phone I do get some calls… 32 more words

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Saturday's Riddle (4/18/15)

My first name’s a child, my last name’s a girl
When I first started I mostly did hurl.
I did use a web and part of a tree… 17 more words

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Friday's Riddle (4/17/15)

Wherever I’m found, I don’t stay for long
I don’t have a voice, I can’t sing a song.
I can be broken, my code much the same… 16 more words

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Think About It Thursday

On Thursdays, this is your place for some quote or cartoon that will boost your brain. Friday is coming, hang on and hang in there. Stay focused and finish strong.  42 more words


Thursday's Riddle (4/16/15)

It is always thin, but it starts out fat
You can rest assured it always lays flat.
It’s able to roll, but it does not rock… 54 more words

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Wednesday's Riddle (4/15/15)

I am a father, children I have none
No one before me did what I have done.
I have an honor no one else can state… 14 more words

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Tuesday's Riddle (4/14/15)

Though it rarely moves, it’s known for great speed
It’s often ignored till there is a need.
It helps people work, it helps people play… 31 more words

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