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Tuesday's Riddle (6/30/15)

Letters make up words and words can be strange
Rearrange letters and those words might change.
Take for example the two words “new door”
These words are simple, but they could be more. 40 more words

Brain Teaser

First Creative Challenge-Retry

Hey I am at Disneyland tonight! So your fist challenge is to take the letters of the world…

Disneyland and make as many words as you can using only the letters in the word Disneyland. 58 more words

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Monday's Riddle (6/29/15)

Morning newspaper arrives at your door
Delivered unwrapped, so some of it tore.
Several pages were blown by the breeze
But one complete page you catch with your knees. 38 more words

Brain Teaser

June 2015 Brain Teaser Solution

Q: Can you take the clock face below, and cut it into four pieces such that the numerals on each part add up to the same number? 75 more words

Brain Teaser

Riddle: The Missing Camel

A simple peasant has bought a number of camels and is taking them to his farm.

As he rides contentedly along he counts them – he counts 29. 55 more words


Sunday's Riddle (6/28/15)

A comedian to both man and child
When it’s time to play, I’m known to be wild.
I am recognized because of my looks
I’m not a comic when in comic books. 6 more words


Saturday's Riddle (6/27/15)

An octagon house with angles of eight
Was built with eight walls, each wall was built straight.
All walls have a door with a window too… 48 more words