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Monday's Riddle (3/2/15)

The girls will have one, the boys never do
Count to thirty-five before you’ll see two.
It is found in life, but never in death… 51 more words

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Sunday's Riddle (3/1/15)

Seek and you shall find is what I’m about
When calling my name make sure that you shout.
I started the trend I am proud to say… 29 more words

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Saturday's Riddle (2/28/15)

It can be like life, both easy and hard
There are some places where it may be barred.
You can get results in thirty-six ways… 15 more words

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Fridays' Riddle (2/27/15)

Two friendly golfers with names Bill and Pete
Who liked to argue when they would compete.
Both chose to wager a dollar a round
The better golfer could at last be crowned. 36 more words

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Thursday's Riddle (2/26/15)

Twelve at a party were all dressed quite nice
Sandwiches were served and punch with some ice.
All twelve ate and drank, all twelve had some fun… 49 more words

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February 2015 Brain Teaser Solution

When can you add 2 to eleven and get 1?

 on a clock

you can add 2 to 11 and get 1

except if you have a clock like this for military/overseas time:

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Wednesday's Riddle (2/25/15)

One crate has oranges, one has apples green
A third crate has both, though none can be seen.
On each crate of fruit, the label is wrong… 46 more words

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