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Name That Face!

Do you recognize this revolutionary political leader?

Go to the next page for the answer. (Hint: he co-founded a huge social and political organization in the 1960s.) 30 more words


Brain Food

Eating well does not just boost your body strength but the nutrients in foods are an excellent fuel for your brain. A healthy diet is both good for your physical as well as mental health. 734 more words

Brain Food

Money Slut

When those marketing

And self-promoting life skills

finally pay off,

and you’re breaking bank

at thirty an hour or more,

not many can argue

Two degrees, a winning smile… 10 more words


Vegan Brain Food

The brain can be your best friend or your worst enemy.  I mean this little mean machine is able to store so much information, yet at the same time screw you hard by forgetting everything and when you really don’t expect it you all of a sudden remember said thing, that you assumed was lost forever in the empty brain you thought you had. 383 more words

Pumpkin Seeds

Brain Food

A lot of people don’t think food has much effect on their creativity, but it does. If you fuel your brain in the right way, it can enhance creativity. 456 more words

My Life

Healthy Kid Snacks & Lunch Boxes

An organic backyard garden can be the snack vending machine for kids, while saving money for the family. Planting grapes and raspberries along a fence is a lovely landscaping technique producing yummy, healthy, and easy snacks for kids. 293 more words

Healthy Kids


It’s a known fact that in the physical, food is necessary for growth to occur and at every stage in life, the dietary requirement differs. Therefore, it would be odd to find a child feeding on solid meal. 394 more words

Brain Food