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Family Meeting

Last night was earthquakes
And rumbles of body memory,
Leaving me no choice
But to toss and turn.
How do I even say what it means… 56 more words


ADHD : Herbal and Natural Treatments for an intriguing kind of mind. Part #1

Learn with me as I investigate natural and nutritional remedies for ADHD.

My youngest son (age 14) is fidgety, has a low attention span and when homework gets too tricky he has almost fit like moments where he visibly can’t cope with taking any more information in. 679 more words


Name That Flag!

Do you know which West African country this beautiful tricolor flag belongs to?

Go to the next page for the answer!

(Hint: it is the country of the richest king in history; if you’ve been visiting Miss CM since its launch, then you should automatically know who that is.)  133 more words


Brain Food - Episode 41

Hello everyone, thank you for coming to watch yet another episode of Brain Food, wherein I review Shea Godfrey’s Nightshade.

It’s a wonderfully written LGBTQ fantasy romance… when it’s not painting the Middle Eastern themed kingdom of Lyoness in a shallow, racist manner throughout the book, and reminding us at every turn how ignorant, sexist, and backwards it is.

Brain Food