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After over 20 years, Ash Norris finally did it! @mrsashnorris

Ashley Norris, wife of KC Chief’s recruiter Kevin Norris revealed on instagram that she has not had braids in her hair since 1989. She recently posted a pic of her rocking braids after all that time.


So I got my hair braided for the first time since my BC. I didn’t like it at all…the style that is. The braids themselves were neat and she didn’t take long but I guess she thought I was 8 years old or something. 27 more words

Fishy Thursdays

Happy Thursday everyone!

I thought I would share this photo of me and my fishtail braid as I am about due for the hairdressers. My hair is getting to the can’t do anything, straggly ends stage, not a good look, so until I book in at the salon I need to disguise the ends with cute hairstyles  like this. 97 more words


Last Post of 2014

OK this was not the last post of last year but it was supposed to be. I have a lot of other posts hanging out and some stories to finish so I’ll be cleaning house over the next few weeks. 612 more words

Braided Bangs: The Key to Keeping Them Out of Your Face This Summer

Instead of heavily relying on blotting sheets to make sure it doesn’t look like your bangs just took a quick shower, why not just braid them back? 734 more words


Mid-Head Cornrowed Pony Style

This style can be worn by all girls from around the very young, right up until they reach adulthood! The style features a mid-head cornrowed pony that has boasts a fun yet humble creativity with it’s mixture of ‘V’s, gentle ‘S’s and ‘L’s with a left side focal point. 24 more words


Freestyle Swirly Criss Cross Cornrows in Mock Mid-Head Pony

This type of style is most preferred by the younger and pre-teen girls in Primary School between the age of 6-12years. The style features a mid-head cornrowed pony with Fun written all over it. 62 more words