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A Day in LA

My friend is visiting LA, and she is trying to manage without a car.  She’s doing pretty well.  We met at Union Station and did a little walking tour while catching up.   94 more words


6.14.14 "500 Days of Summer" 10:14 AM

“500 Days of Summer” is probably one of many movies that I would still enjoyed because anyone who has ever been in a relationship can probably relate.This was the place where they shot the ending of the movie.   127 more words


Blade Runner

This is the movie where the bartender from The Shining is the smartest man in the world, where the batshit crazy chick who tried to claw James Woods’s eyes out (in real life) is a reserved, icy beauty, where the famously taciturn leader of a Florida vice squad chatters away in a self-invented argot culled from six different languages. 441 more words


Happy Birthday, Charlie!

I thought I would take the opportunity of Charlie Chaplin’s birthday today to post this image of his statue in the Bradbury Building, downtown Los Angeles. 76 more words

Black & White Photography


You have probably driven past it many times, but have you ever gone inside the Bradbury Building on the southeast corner of 3rd and Broadway?  It’s the oldest commercial building remaining in the central city. 205 more words


WALK THE MOON: the experience

On Monday I found out that one of my favorite bands Walk the Moon was going to be playing a show in my area and that a friend of mine was going with one of her best friends. 163 more words

LA Baby

Preservation of History - The Bradbury Building - Downtown Los Angeles

One of the things I found most intriguing about living in Europe was the age of all the buildings. Actually intrigued isn’t the right word – astonished is probably more accurate. 153 more words

My Life