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Holidays and having a mental illness

I cannot wait until the day that I have my own place, nor the day when I no longer have holidays, which all being well should be very soon. 534 more words

Mental Health

Books, glorious books! 

As a child and teenager, books were my salvation. I was a constant reader, devouring pages like a hungry woman. Mainly novels- but not exclusively. I liked ‘reading round’ subjects… While studying Bach for my A level Music I remember reading a wonderful book on Baroque architecture. 221 more words


I AM NOT CRAZY PART III: Anyone ever heard of BPD?

A video made by a girl named Kira Hollis is circulating through Facebook and the net right now. Since it was tagged as a video on mental disorders and being HALF diagnosed, I decided to watch it. 404 more words


Playing around


Added a little colour

End drawing

I have to says I do like the black and white best


Easing Back Into Normalcy

I’m all over the place today, but I feel the need to write.

Let me start with an update on my father.

We were given a strong dose of reality when the same breathing specialist we met in emergency came for his shift in the CCU days later and told us he was surprised my father was alive after what he’d seen on the night we’d brought him in. 622 more words

Mental Illness

I feel pretty...pretty shitty that is.

So I stumbled onto this website and thought she made some interesting assertions, here’s a bit of it:

“While many BPD people have killer looks… 1,045 more words