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Another Day in the Life of Midnight Demon

Another Day in the Life of Midnight Demon

I participated in the weekly BPD, Borderline Personality Disorder, chat on Twitter. This week’s topic was about social media. 934 more words


Withdrawal and the Weekend

Hi to all! I’m still here! Just been extremely busy and unable to find time to post.

I’ve had an ok kind of weekend. Ish. … 896 more words


Holy crap it snowing

What’s the big deal? I’m about 1 minute from the sea and I’ve lived in my town for 30 years n never seen it snow. Met service have put it up as snow first in 22 years. 23 more words


30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 15 My Favorite Way To Relax **TRIGGER WARNING**

Each day, I make it a point to take some time and sit in silence to meditate. I believe that meditation is a necessity in my life. 119 more words


Positive Reminders for Survivors 

Moments to remind ourselves when we are low. “She” can be replaced with “He” for all you guys too


My version

Sometime ago I shared a picture I found online on mind full vs mindful. This is my zentangle version



Forgiveness is a very interesting word. It has a religious significance. Every religion I have studied has some form of forgiveness. They word may not be used, but the spirit of the word is intended. 1,243 more words