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No Crazy-Making Allowed

I am happy today. And the past week.

Last weekend was my birthday. I am moving into a place all to myself and my animals. I start school on monday. 273 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder

paxil is shit and my nerves are shot

Today wouldn’t have been normal without at least one major fuck up, am I right? If you have been reading any of my other blog posts, you know about how around this time every single night my demons like to play. 374 more words


Pondering Life over Chamomile Tea

I appear to be stuck in a mental health rut. I can feel myself falling backward from any progress I had made back into old habits. 151 more words


So sick of this BS

I can’t take this anymore. I’ve felt like shit for months, and I’m so frustrated that nothing is changing. I do understand that I’m the one in charge of my feelings, so I am the one who has to make the changes. 580 more words


I just found out that MARSHA LINEHAN (the founder and basically the god of DBT) is coming to my university in London later this year to run a two-day skills information workshop! 16 more words

Mental Health

New Short Story: Tell Me I'm Beautiful: Previews

My new short story is almost finished, I’ve called it Tell Me I’m Beautifulan below are a few previews

Its the story of a woman who’s mental illness, coupled with her jealousy, anger and paranoia slowly lead her to have a psychotic break in which time she tries to murder her boyfriend, the story picks up a year later, as we follow her three day rest bite release from a psychiatric hospital, which she conned her way out off, free again, and in no way recovered, we see her epic down fall again… 541 more words


Borderline Mood Swings

My mood swings from pole to pole multiple times a day. It does so seemingly unpredictably and alarmingly fast, and this chaotic (lack of a) pattern can feel terrifying in itself. 378 more words

Mental Health