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Pink Shoes and Blue Ties

Pink Shoes and Blue Ties is a name close to my heart because I believe in every boy/man, there is a little pink and in every girl/woman,there is a bit of blue. 627 more words

Boys And Girls

Girls Will Be Girls.

But having a go at the boys isn’t really fair. We’re just as damn weird.

It starts pretty young. Even the cutesy ones get in on the weird. 138 more words


Small and Big Problems

I talk on and on and on about G. It failed and I am fed up even thinking about him.

Thing is that we all do that. 50 more words


"All vaginas are the same size~!!11" and the unequal nature of Equality

Men are universally able to separate all female acquaintances into two categories: women we want to fuck, and the rest.

The more of a beta-doofus you are the more likely it is that you want to fuck everyone you know, but for any man with a shred of dignity there will typically be a line drawn between potential fucks and “the rest.” 1,196 more words


how to date! [a video guide]

Holy crap.

I wish my first boyfriend had watched this before our first date… so many things to remember to do and not to do… (And is it just me or is the Fortune Teller they meet also the Refreshments Sales Girl? 29 more words

Boy Toys

Boy Toys

If I were a kid again,
I’d ask for an electric train,
erector sets and building blocks,
a cane to take along on walks… 462 more words

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