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how to date! [a video guide]

Holy crap.

I wish my first boyfriend had watched this before our first date… so many things to remember to do and not to do… (And is it just me or is the Fortune Teller they meet also the Refreshments Sales Girl? 29 more words

Boy Toys

Boy Toys

If I were a kid again,
I’d ask for an electric train,
erector sets and building blocks,
a cane to take along on walks… 462 more words

The Daily Post

The Request of His Body

He asks what if he snuck over right now. Would you let him in? The dorm is quiet; the hall of giddy girls finally sleep. Night watch not really watching. 189 more words


More Than Stereotypical

A girl I was not,
as I had simply supposed,
what I was.
I am not the slower runner
or the weaker helping hand
I am a girl. 77 more words

Don't You Know..

That it’s different for girls?

Education has for a long time, it’s been argued, favoured the girls here in the UK when it comes to teaching styles and the way results are monitored. 420 more words

For You No Problem

I live in a country where most people are of Chinese descent and I’m a chocolatey-ish girl with curly hair and curves on my hips. Having grown up, I no longer compare myself to/desire to be like the girls that majority of guys find appealing here, which is the skinny chinese girl with straight hair and hairless smooth skin. 353 more words