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Hilarious Reactions By Men Who Are Asked To Curl Their Lashes

It’s honestly true that eyelash curlers look like something out of a medieval torture chamber and still, our first instinct is to pick them and up and clamp down on our lashes, barely inches away from our eyeballs. 48 more words


Patriarchy, crushes and male frustration (all too simplified)

It’s been a while since I’ve brought myself to have a cute little crush on anyone. I can’t tell whether it’s got to do with me and my own new-found apparently high standards, or whether there is just a highly inadequate crop of good looking boys in this city of mine. 732 more words


What to expect of expectations?

I thought I would leave you in peace today, but I can’t help blabbering a bit more. I was watching North & South and I got myself thinking about expectations. 661 more words



Hello! Jersey here. I’m currently hiding behind a bed because my family has been making me paint for 2 weeks and I’m not allowed to go anywhere until my grandparents leave town. 229 more words

The Gender Bender Butterfly

Just as many of my peers I grew up on vast amounts of cartoons and comics. The whole world stood still while heroes such Bravestar, He-man and Voltron battled their weekly foes. 1,518 more words

Boys And Girls

Tolerance Versus Promotion: Caitlyn Jenner and Defining Courage

I will never forget the cold January morning when my Elementary school gathered the entire student body in our shoddy gymnasium to watch a Space Shuttle launch; 1,300 more words


great day 

Today’s feelin like a great day! It started of pretty rough. Me and Addison were walking around the halls before class, but since it’s exam week, the warning bells never rang. 135 more words