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Boyfriend Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis is often seen in animals or insects; it usually involves any profound change in appearance, character, structure, circumstances, etc. However, I have also noticed something of a similar nature among some women in relationships. 812 more words


Day 1

Yes we all have moments when we feel like we want to break down. It’s ok!! I promise you it is ok. Today you can walk into your room, cry your eyes out, think about all the what ifs and mistakes you’ve made but when you are done… 35 more words


Oh, my sweet little soul...

 This is one of our first pictures together. Part of it.

The Revivalists and Stone Foxes are playing in Oakland, Scott Pemberton is playing at the HopMonk in Sebastapol… all in March. 239 more words



Words can’t describe how happy I was that I had post this week.

I live in a student house, so normally the best post we get is the local pizza hut offers. 189 more words

Story - Raye the Dragon Boater (Finale)

Dragon88, Raye

“Shaun… Shaun… wake up. We’re here already.”

Those small eyes open, feeling groggy and looking so cute like a little boy I just want to cuddle, but I have to refrain myself. 1,405 more words


My small boyfriend caught cheating

So the other day, I was messing around on my partner’s mobile phone, I came across a few vulgar text messages from a random girl, it made me feel absolutely sick to my stomach! 374 more words

Alcoholics, Workoholics, Commitment Phobics, Peeping Toms, Meglomaniacs, Emotional Fuckwits Or Perverts

My and my friend had a very funny conversation this morning about the kind of guys I always end up with and how they always seem to be a bit strange and all have some kind of problems. 327 more words