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Ok so I am not a man but I do live and share a room with one so that should count for something. If you haven’t guessed it by the title this category will be dedicated to all things “Man”, from sports to clothes and to other guy related issues. 38 more words


The Distance

L.D.R (Long Distance Relationship). Many people believed that LDR`s are never going to work out. Some relationship ended because of the dis<—–>tance. But is it really about the distance? 225 more words



So, here’s something: When is it better to give up on something you’re pretty sure you’d like in life than to continue the crazymaking pursuit of it? 823 more words


It's the worst.

I can not even explain this fully, but I will certainly try.
It hits you like a bus, all at once. You see something posted by someone that used to make you happy. 174 more words

Where is mine...

Let me start with, congratulations to all newlyweds;; Ill just be sitting here, ringless.

My boyfriend of 7 years just recently brought up about why we shouldn’t get married: 247 more words



You are amazing. Really, truly, you are. Today is day EIGHT for you quitting smoking. I am so proud – that is amazing! I am even more impressed with all the driving that you’ve been doing. 168 more words