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Bored with Boyfriend Jeans

When the Boyfriend jeans trend started, I was all over it like Nutella on bread (yummy!), but then I quickly got bored with it because I didn’t find them as versatile as skinny jeans. 82 more words


Boyfriend Jeans

I am totally loving the boyfriend jean look as I’ve seen more and more people embrace them! The jeans are super stylish and can be paired with a blazer, t-shirt and ankle boots or for summer, try them out with a cute crop top and a statement necklace. 30 more words


I love the idea of boyfriend jeans, and I love how they look on pretty much everyone I see them on. But I just can’t see to DO them! 200 more words


Snow Day

It’s “supposedly” going to snow today in Georgia, so you know what that means? The whole city shuts down! LOL The good part is that I get an extra off day. 19 more words


Alterations Tuesday: Boyfriend Jeans

Lets start this post out by saying that I hate the term Boyfriend Jeans.  Don’t even get me started on how the term is heterosexist. Don’t even get me started on the fact that most men’s jeans don’t fit women like the boyfriend jeans you can buy in the store. 898 more words


Vintage Layers

I am a huge vintage lover. I went through a major vintage clutch phase (this is one of my favorites), the poncho and belt are also vintage, bought from the Sacramento antique fair which happens on the second Sunday of every month.   114 more words

Calvin Klein, my Love..

On days like these, where it’s cold and nasty outside, I prefer to stay in and spend my time with all kind of stuff that makes me forget that  362 more words