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The World at a Cross Roads...a Historic Speech or Prophetic?

Some are calling the speech made by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a historic call to the freedom-loving countries of the world to wake up and see that there is a cross roads facing the world today. 282 more words

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How would you fair...if war was in your backyard? Letter by eye witness in Ukraine

Exactly what would you do, if your community was on fire and destroyed from an invasion?   What would you do if the young people were not there to help you as an older person?   1,373 more words

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Adventures of Willy Worm makes a debut

It is my pleasure  to share with you my first book in a new Nanny Adventure series.  The book title is Willy the Worm.

Willy the green worm decides he is going to climb out of his hole and see the world.   87 more words

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Mental Health....and bullying...the living hell

My goal as a retired teacher has been to write books that help young people and their parents with those informative years that are so crucial.   1,848 more words

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Two New Nanny Books...by N. W. Boyer

I’m happy to share with you the two new books from my Nanny Book Series.

Why  Nanny Books?    I am Nancy, the author and illustrator, who is called “Nanny” by my grandchildren.   204 more words

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Do you think you missed God's Miracle?

Everyone on earth has heartache in one form or another. We pray during these trying times. Sometimes we beg God to “Just do something!” Other times, we ask that big question, “Why?” Friends will say, “We’re praying for you.” Others will only mutter, “What a shame.” Down deep we want to have a miracle to change a particular thing that is affecting our lives so greatly. 151 more words

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The Florida Panther

The wildlife of Florida is especially appreciated by those of us who see it daily. Each morning, just like clockwork, the beautiful white egrets from Bird Island stretch their wide wings and in formation fly over our neighborhood. 277 more words

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