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The Ocean and Relaxation

If one has ever gone to sleep near the ocean, the sounds and movement of one wave hitting the shore one after another gives the serene calm that is needed in this stressful world.   52 more words

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The Violin

For your weekend listening pleasure….the sounds of the violin and the beauty of nature.

Boyer Writes

A Little Wobbly...and Need a Little Help to Stay on Your Feet?

Life making you a little wobbly on your feet?   It seems that circumstances can make us feel that way. Everyone wants to be sure-footed….knowing exactly where to place the next step.   128 more words

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The Passion...the Sea of Love

A prayer from Syrian Clementine Liturgy

O God, the unsearchable abyss of peace, the ineffable sea of love, the fountain of blessing and the bestower of affection, Who sends peace to those who receive it, open to us this day the sea of Your love and water us with plenteous streams from the riches of Your grace and from the most sweet springs of Your benignity (kindness or tolerance toward others.).   46 more words

Boyer Writes

Creativity Over-rides Depression after Loss

I remember the time that I looked out a window and the world seemed “ugly”.  This was when I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was going to have to pick up my three small children and leave an abusive situation.   196 more words

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For your listening pleasure...the new growth of Spring

The trees are beginning to turn green. In some areas the bulbs planted last year are beginning to push their heads through the soil.  There is nothing like Spring after a very long…cold winter. 9 more words

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ANCIENT MANUSCRIPTS in peril as Christians flee homes in Iraq

In Iraq, Christians are fleeing for their lives. The ancient manuscripts are also in peril.  

Phillip Jenkins writes:  “The fall of Christian Mosul loomed in the beginning of the 20th century. 478 more words

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