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What Do You Want?

Late afternoon light bathed them in golden rays, sea breeze tossing her hair about her face. It had been quiet for a few minutes now, and he could tell that something was bothering her, her eyes closed against her strained posture. 245 more words


The Mediocre Artist and the (Un) Holy Week.

I know that I haven’t written anything for the last couple of weeks but things had happened. I was supposed to write about my sexual adventures but the university and my… 709 more words

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Portraits of my kids | every week in 2015

New favorite pastime for these two is playing in the curtains. There are two huge windows in the nursery–one window for each, but of course there are days when they both want the SAME window.  52 more words


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Portraits of my kids | every week in 2015

1. – 3. Planting fruit trees. We now have “Tony,” the Starking sweet cherry tree (AKA: “The Iron Tree”), “Stella,” the mate for Tony (also sweet cherries), and “Goldie,” our Golden Delicious apple tree. 141 more words


Trailer for the War Drama Little Boy

Watch the trailer for the war drama Little Boy, starring Emily Watson and Michael Rapaport.

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