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A Boy Recovering From An Injury Gets A Surprise Visit From An Unlikely Friend

When Tristan was recovering at the hospital from a traumatic brain injury, he received a visit from a very special four-legged therapy animal: a pony named Logan! 30 more words

What is faith? 

Faith is…

1. Depending on God to meet your needs – and still counting your money. JESUS counted the five loaves and two fish and knew how many baskets of leftover food was collected at the end of the day. 220 more words


Tween wants out!

My darling tween has started going out. He goes out to the (very) local community centre to hang; out to the park or just out to go out! 225 more words


Late twenties

its been a while since i am alive

more than a quarter of a century has passed

there is a boy somewhere happy lazy and free… 164 more words


As a young girl

My mind was in a warped functionality all my life, but it grew depth as I got older. It’s funny… how much your childhood shapes you to be the person you are. 460 more words


Mom gets real

Sitting down to a late dinner after a good, but exhausting, day and Logan looks at me and cocks his head.

“MOM! You didn’t get me a drink!” 61 more words

Higher the Birds

Higher above the great, blue sky,
Where flock of birds that sail and fly.
And high they reach the mountain top,
Never to pause or even stop. 27 more words