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Relationships and Breakups:How to get over your ex after a mutual break up

Relationships take effort and time from both parties to maintain, but when break ups happen. It’s hard to get over.

You’ve been together for however long and have spent almost every waking moment together, so when you see something that reminds you of them you feel that sadness in your stomach again. 180 more words

UW Reel Love LGBT Film Fest, Day 1: "Boy Meets Girl" and "Love is Strange"

The UW-Madison’s Reel Love LGBT Film Festival, now in its fourth year, is still the only Wisconsin film festival (and one of the few campus-based festivals nationwide) exclusively devoted to films with gay, lesbian and transgender subject matter. 547 more words

Movie Review

Mom, Dad, I...uhh...I Might Be...Uhh... Not Gay

So I was at work awhile back, and a piece of equipment needed to be fixed. A couple of guys came in, and I noticed the one, in particular. 591 more words


A girl and a bar

I see you looking at me from across the room. Your quick glances, and boyish cute smile make me feel sick, or excited, or some kind of welcomed, warming sensation. 1,540 more words

Boy Meets Girl - Movie

Warning: There is nudity in the film.

This is another movie that one of my friends have recommended I watch to review for my blog. I had a set order that I was going to watch all of the shows and documentaries in, but since I haven’t reviewed a movie in a while, I decided to go ahead and watch this film. 729 more words


In the Mix interview: polygra

This month, Memories of Shibuya is highlighting the work of another Japanese DJ who has been keeping the spirit of Shibuya-kei alive. Going by the name of “polygra”, this Tokyonite has been spinning Shibuya-kei sounds at parties around the city for over a decade – you can find him on Soundcloud… 932 more words


Where is the Romantic Comedy Now? Part 3

Note: Longer than the last two. This is the final part of the series about the current state of the romantic comedy. There is some engagement with the authors on my part, in this series, but I really wanted to gather an understanding for myself. 1,152 more words

Romantic Comedy