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Which One Direction Weenie Are You?

by Joe Garbe

This quiz holds the key to your destiny.  You are three simple questions away from knowing the illusive answer to life’s greatest riddle: which member of musical powerhouse One Direction are you?  389 more words


As Long As You Love Them

One of the best parts of the summer (for me) is that with my TV schedule being greatly reduced, (Even if it is clogged with teen super hero cartoons and revisits to Westeros), I have time to explore some of the more obscure and less on the Comic Con beaten path pop culture elements that have obsessed me over my life. 397 more words


Life Lessons From a Boy Band

By Bianca Garcia 

I can’t even begin to count the number of times I’ve had to explain to people that I am not the stereotypical screaming girl you imagine when you think of a One Direction fan (unless you catch me on a bad day, or at a One Direction concert). 1,197 more words

What made the 90's so awesome? Boy bands & girl groups!

As a 90’s kid, one of the best memories of the many things that happened during that interesting decade was the amazing boy bands and girl groups. 762 more words


90's Love

I started going to karaoke again on Thursdays nights with a couple of my friends. This Thursday, there’s going to be a theme. Everything from the ’90s. 117 more words


Being a fan of One Direction

This is my first post so go a little easy on me, I haven’t quite grasped this whole blogging thing yet so cut me some slack if my writing is a tad choppy. 454 more words

Boy Bands

Rodeo Clowns, Boy Bands, and a Pissed Off Bull

Bulls are huge, powerfully built animals with menacing horns, devastating hooves, and an unflinching desire to be left alone.

Bull-riders, by comparison, are sweaty little cowboys who feel it’s heroic to climb onto the backs of bulls, regardless of how irritating it is to the bull. 575 more words