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You May as Well Face it, You're Addicted to Approval!

Do you remember the Robert Palmer song “Addicted to Love” which was popular in the 80s? If you don’t, then you are probably younger than most of my shoes. 344 more words


Situational Trigger be Gone Says the Little Girl

Been really busy trying to pack and get ready for our vacation.  Yesterday I had a full on panic attack, I was tense all day and totally had a Lupus flare.  381 more words

In with the new

A new season is upon us.

Tania and I have been experiencing a shift in our lives and it is exciting. Our themes that we set at the beginning of the year are bearing fruit, guided by an invisible hand. 552 more words

Borders, borders, everywhere!

Scene: My neighbors often have small gatherings next door. They huddle about right on the property line. Although that line is not clearly marked, we both instinctively know where it is and neither of us ever crosses it. 191 more words

Darkness Creeping.

While I’m sleeping. Dreaming of future tense where hope is folly. Earthquakes, poverty, floods and famine fuel apathetic distractions. Who wants to hear the heart wrenching details of someone’s despair? 921 more words

That line in the sand

Draw that line in the sand!

Two recent conversations got me thinking about this concept.

1. Someone gave me some good career advice: set your boundaries early!   350 more words

What a Teenage Girl Needs Most From Her Mom

Monica, over at the Grommom, has four sons. She writes about them all the time, and I love reading her stories and hearing her thoughts and opinions about… 1,549 more words