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Top-down and bottom-up policy

In policy decision making there are two approaches related to the source from where the decision is coming.

One is the top-down approach, which is the process of the government deciding about the country or regional policy, including all aspects of social, economics, military and foreign regulations. 811 more words


The Limits of the Nanny State. Recycling needs private sector innovation and leadership if we wish to change consumer behaviour.

It was announced last year that Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, was to launch a £5m fund to encourage local government to incentivise recycling in the home. 765 more words


Decentralised Energy for London...a solar dream?

On Saturday February 14th, thousands of Green activists will leave their loved ones in bed, with nothing but a recycled card and a fair-trade rose for company. 775 more words


DECC Global Calculator, Launched Today, Suggests Bottom-Up Consumer Activism Could be Key to Capping Global Warming at 2℃

Perhaps the key achievement of this report is the acknowledgement that individuals can make a difference.

The Department for Energy and Climate Change have today launched a new online tool designed to allow individuals, organisations and governments the opportunity to explore differing future scenarios for climate change. 770 more words


'De-othering' the sustainability agenda to promote engagement

One of my closest friends wrote his Cambridge University geography undergraduate dissertation about the tragedy of self interest on Everest. So the theory goes, as climbers experience life threatening conditions and brushes with death, they lose the ability to concurrently uphold their otherwise strong environmental principles. 696 more words


Top-Down Power Structure vs. Bottom-Up

In a top-down power structure, power comes from the top and works its way down. It’s equivalent to supply-side economics, in that regard.

The top-down power structure is currently how American society is arranged: the masses cannot access higher-education, jobs with sick-pay, housing, or food, without these possibilities being opened by the top, the Federal Government; we cannot have economic prosperity or worldly-comforts without government. 628 more words

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