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Empowerment in the US Navy!

You can’t implement a bottom-up concept in a top-down way.

Empowerment is just some wishy-washy claptrap that managers use to carry on exerting their own power, isn’t it?

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Cara Melakukan Budgeting

Seperti yang sudah dituliskan minggu lalu, kita akan memulai seri Budgeting. Dan dalam post pengenalan budget kemarin, kita sudah memahami tujuan dari dilakukannya budget dalam sebuah organisasi/perusahaan. 655 more words


Leadership mistake 

The biggest mistake our leadership makes is trying to fix problems from the top-down. Real change starts from the bottom…

Bottom - Up And Top-Down Mind

Daniel Goleman explained in his book ‘focus’ about two difference minds at work, It called bottom-up and top-down.

The bottom-up mind is :

  • Faster in brain time, which operates in milliseconds…
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"You should write an empirical paper" - an interpretive reposte

I don’t regret the methodology of my research – agency-centred, bottom-up – because it can engage with the very actors who are often left out of political science. 407 more words



In the last years a system based on landgrabbing, capitalization and deterritorialization have increased the process of migration into the urban space. The population of the cities and so their territories have grow and expand, with an average of 15 milion inhabitants, an extension of hundreds of Km, and related problem such as consumption, pollution, security, … 156 more words


Society#_TopDown-BottomUp_© H. Bosh_The Garden of Earthly Delights

…society as such does not exist except as a concept.
-Margaret Thatcher_Interview for Woman’s Own_1987_Sep 23-

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