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The Concept of the ‘Sustainable Creative City’

While cities are celebrating ‘the rise of the creative class’  as a solution to solving problems associated with post-industrial cities, we as cultural workers – specifically artists and small-scale art organisation – live in a contradictory position. 1,078 more words

Participatory Art

Fibonacci Memoization Top Down ( Recursive ) and Bottom Up ( Iterative )

Fibonacci Memoization Top Down ( Recursive ) and Bottom Up ( Iterative ) Dynamic Programming:

Top Down Fibonacci Memoization Code:

 * @author  Quickgrid ( Asif Ahmed )
 * @link    https://quickgrid.wordpress.com


#define N 64
long long F[N];

 * Top Down Recursive Fibonacci Memoization
long long topDownMemFib(long long n){
     * If its not 1 then it means there is already a calculated value
     * So no more need to compute, just return that value
    if(F[n] != -1)
        return F[n];

    F[n] = topDownMemFib(n - 1) + topDownMemFib(n - 2);
    return F[n];

int main(){
    register unsigned i;

    unsigned n;
    printf("Enter a number:\n");
    scanf("%u", &n);

     * Terminating condition values
    F[0] = 0;
    F[1] = 1;

     * First set the whole array to -1, means there are no calculated value
    for(i = 2; i <= n; ++i)
        F[i] = -1;

    printf("%lld\n", topDownMemFib(n));

    return 0;
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I know...

I know I´ve been neglecting this blog lately, and as a consequence of that I know it´s far too late to show off my 2014 knitting statistics in March 2015 – but I´ll do it anyway… 628 more words


Urban Movements

Κάτι καλό παίζει στην Πολωνία!

Διαβάζοντας τις Eξεγερμένες πόλεις του Χάρβεϋ, είναι αδύνατο να μη γοητευθείς από την περιγραφή του ρόλου των πρώτων κοινωνικών κινημάτων πόλης, όπως εμφανίστηκαν τότε, πριν και μετά το Παρίσι του Λεφέβρ. 18 more words

Άλκηστη Ελένη Βικτωράτου

Visible Mending and what's the problem with knitting top-down.

I made a school jumper 3 years ago for child#1 and it’s still in use for child #2. It was made with Debbie Bliss Cashmerino and washes quite well. 205 more words


Top-down and bottom-up policy

In policy decision making there are two approaches related to the source from where the decision is coming.

One is the top-down approach, which is the process of the government deciding about the country or regional policy, including all aspects of social, economics, military and foreign regulations. 811 more words