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Exploring Cern: There is no such thing as "the god particle" (includes resources and poem)

Many people have been conCERNed ;), about Cern re-opening the large hadron collider in March. Because Cern is a system that doesn’t understand that the concept of divinity can’t be reduced to a particle in this universe (because it is against the laws of Prime Creator), it’s not going to kill us. 234 more words

QED - a poem by Kate Rauner

Bosons carry force
Among the fermions
Flying back and forth –
Colliding with the masses.
All these interactions
Exchanging many photons
Exceed our calculations – 210 more words


"A child[’s]…first geometrical discoveries are topological…If you ask him to copy a square or a triangle, he draws a closed circle"*...

Topology is the Silly Putty of mathematics.  Indeed, sometimes, topology is called “rubber-sheet geometry” because topologists study the properties of shapes that don’t change when an object is stretched or distorted. 331 more words

How Three Guys With $10K and Decades-Old Data Almost Found the Higgs Boson First - Wired

“Figuring out what happened in a collider is like trying to figure out what your dog ate at the park yesterday. You can find out, but you have to sort through a lot of shit to do it.”




Yeah, I met Giggs
He was a bosun wasn’t he?
Plying the East India route
Yeah, that’s right
Rebooting the particle smasher he was. 115 more words


Quantum Indians - A Tribute to 3 Great Scientists

When CV Raman got the Noble prize, he cried on the stage stating “I am coming from a country which does not have its own flag and I cannot even call myself a free Indian”. 111 more words