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The weakest link

Hold on, I only want to buy a lamp (light bulb to you) and now you are telling me about how once, when you were young, you were in a Robin Reliant and as it was getting dark you told the driver that you thought that one of the headlights may not be working. 169 more words

Time Lapse Video: Bertha Surfaces

The huge cutter head of the tunnel-boring machine (her name would be Bertha) that’s being used to create the Highway 99 tunnel under downtown Seattle is now above ground.   146 more words


A Boring Training

This is dedicated to a friend who quite literally made 100 hours of torture bearable

Remembering the first day
All aware
Feeling on my back… 74 more words


Things got worse!

Well after everything that I said in my last blog about my losing my baby this weekend has gotten worse on Saturday I lost my papa and on the Sunday my uncles mum died. 249 more words

One Last Hope

I am hanging on to my sanity by the tiniest thread. Not only did I have the most fabulous and seemingly incurable bout of writer’s block, I had a fight with my printer – not a physical one, but very verbal, on both of our parts actually – realised that I have the ability and the means to play the instrumental version of “Colours of the Wind”, and may or may not be sharing my mind with someone else. 957 more words

Pointless Remarks

25 Things To Do When Your Bored

I advise you to do these following things on those boring rainy days when you just dont want to get out of bed…

1) Take a long Bath (pamper yourself) 226 more words


West Africa (is boring).

Hello! Another essay of sorts…I feel like my mom’s preparing me for homeschool because she lacks faith in my ability to do things I don’t want to. 321 more words