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Seoul E-Land FC 0 - 0 Bucheon FC (Match Report)

Another game, another draw and Seoul E-Land is soon going to have the ‘Boring Boring’ tag added to the front of its name. It could have been different had Kim Jae Sung managed to net his first half penalty but the fact that he didn’t was probably in keeping with the match and the generally inept performance from both sides. 1,027 more words



Hey guys, miss me? I sure missed you! If you read and keep up with my blog you probably already know I broke my phone. Honestly I feel so incomplete without my phone but at the same time it’s so much less drama. 176 more words

Teen Life

No One Wants to Watch a Sit And Kick Race

Dear athletes, coaches and meet organizers,

Please encourage real racing to happen. Our sport has few enough fans as it is and these snooze-fest races are definitely not helping. 733 more words


Literally Smoke Up My Ass

“I used to love going to this new works series at this arts center while I was in college. It was great, so provocative. I wanted to be an artist and I would go it it all the time. 969 more words


What have i done? post 1

It’s Friday 24th, and what other way to make it fun? is to post photos and make doodles. Very boring day, however, still feeling icky. Anyways, this website is gonna be my journal, hope you enjoy it.

See ya soon.



April 24, 2015

Totally forgot to post about my say yesterday but I figured since nothing much happened I could cover it in today’s post. Work went pretty well both do today and yesterday. 81 more words

It's Friday yay

Wow I just realized this, and I’m so sorry, almost every post involves a boy. I’m a teenage girl, we always talk about them, it’s in our nature. 143 more words

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