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Michelle Age 10

The family van pulled up to pick up Michelle from soccer practice. Her mom and dad were always on time. She climbed in. “How’d the game go sweetie?” Her mother asked from behind the wheel. 514 more words



Having freedom is a curse in disguise – I bet that’s a quote, it must be. Since I’ve been on my gap year that is the truest thing I have learnt. 308 more words


My First Post.

My first post on WordPress and I have nothing to say…

That’s because I already ‘vented’ on my other blog site: Let Me Vent396 more words

don't worry be happy

i  have to admit that i have not been feeling to good. one min i’m happy as pie next i feel kind of low and i just want to cry. 20 more words


25 Things To Do When Your Bored

I advise you to do these following things on those boring rainy days when you just dont want to get out of bed…

1) Take a long Bath (pamper yourself) 226 more words



If I wake up tomorrow and nothing hurts, I would assume I was dead.


March 30, 2015 at 08:54PM

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