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The Shit Show I call my Life...

The Shit Show I Call My Life…

*I am sure this is not proper writing. I write how I speak. Which is super choppy and random thoughts. 1,422 more words


My relationship with alcohol.

For some reason I feel sad.

I do have chest pains, which is making it difficult for me to sleep. I’m use to it, it comes and goes one day I will go for a check up. 401 more words

Pages From My Life

Couch surfing Saturday, Master Chef Australia, historic D/s sex stuff and trying to be upbeat an positive.

So as I write this, I’m laid out in the sofa, indifferently watching TV, Master Chef Australia on BSkyB, I’ve learnt that irrespective of country, culture, ideology, or looks, if you’re a useless cook you really look like a a fucking tool on TV. 739 more words

Family School Work Stuff

18 Fun Things To Do When You’re Alone And Bored

  1. Record speeches in your own voice and listen to them.

  2. Write down/sketch out a dream you

  3. Draw a stick figure comic strip. Or write poetry.

  4. 292 more words
Personal Development

Bored? Here is an idea!

Bored? Have nothing to do? Think back five years from now. Think of the years highlights. That should keep you entertained for a bit. That should also get you to make some connections and keep going down memory line. 76 more words


Those moments

Sitting at a part thinking …
There’s a million other things I could be doing.

Don’t you just hate that.


You're all fat

Dear my non existent blog readers,

It’s friday night, I’ve just finished work (a solid 8 hours on my feet) and I’m now sat in my PJs watching plus size wars on all 4. 77 more words