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wheels on fire

That DREADED moment when you have to take your car to the garage… It’s every motorist’s worst nightmare. You’re waiting to hear the ‘damage’ and preparing yourself to remortgage your house. 198 more words


Track Review: Borderline // Andreas Moe

Swedish singer-songwriter Andreas Moe is well known for his modern day crooner antics, once again serving up a knee-jerking love anthem for all the hopeless romantics with his track ‘Borderline’. 133 more words


Handle With Care: Three Tips For Nurses

A decade or two ago, I attended a talk at McLean Hospital by psychiatrist George Vaillant. He discussed his paper, The Beginning of Wisdom is Never Calling a Patient a Borderline. 771 more words

Care TIps

BPD - What does that do for a living?

Borderline Personality Disorder

I generally post about Bipolar Disorder, but I am also diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and so understanding it is quite pertinent to me. 927 more words

Mental Health


Should I or should I not

It came so close to I should

But then you looked away

And the borderline was there again

I have a confession. I cracked today. I knew I was on my way down from high to low. I knew that the feeling from high to low is “crawly inside.” Which is the best way to describe it sadly. 343 more words


die luft ist voller fliegen, auch wenn ihr sie nicht sehen könnt