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Times are a changing

Two posts in one day-I’m on a roll!

In actuality, I’ve been feeling that this blog has been my company and comfort recently. I’m at a strange time in my life; I feel I’m growing apart from some people that I’ve been close to for the majority of my life and at the same time I feel I’m becoming further from myself. 242 more words


Shutting my office door

I shut my office door at work and sat with my knees pulled up to my chest. I curled up on the floor against my door. 125 more words

Sexual Abuse

My Magic Pink Panties Tell Me That Today Is Going To Be........


They did…That is what they say across my big old butt. And this big old butt this morning, wiggles and grooved to some Jason Derulo and Megan Trainor as it got dressed (Well until the sciatica kicked in and then it just kinda shimmied). 668 more words


Nightmares! What to do?

I seem to be getting a lot of nightmares recently and i dont know why. It seems to be centred around losing someone close to me like Tayler. 563 more words


Big Bombshell Series


So I have not written in here in like FOREVER. Been busy on a birthday project, have now started studying two courses and adjusting to understanding how unique and precious my little caterpillar is. 903 more words

Cup Of Tea

The Curtain Closes

Three years ago I finally reached the point I no longer wanted anything to do with the people in my area.  Than out of the blue I got a call from someone I knew that I should move to the town that likes to call itself a city.  518 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder

I don't know if you can hear me...

…or if you’re even there. I don’t know if you will listen, to a Gypsy’s prayer. Yes, I know I’m just an outcast, I shouldn’t speak to you. 743 more words