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Fuck my life.
I wish I was never born.
I am a failure at every thing.

Borderline Personality Disorder

Searching For Happiness 

Lately it has just been so hard to keep a positive mind set, one minute I am so happy and the next i don’t think I’ll ever feel happy again, i guess this is typical BPD states but it doesn’t make it any easier to cope with. 125 more words


No one likes me.

It would be nice if once and while I felt actually wanted. If I actually walked into a room and felt like the people in there wanted something to do with me.   144 more words


Does a bipolar spectrum exist?

My latest post on Mood Spectrum Indigo:

Its crucial to remember that that the bipolar spectrum is an unproven concept. The alchemy that turns depression, impulsive disorders, childhood behavioral disorders, and personality disorders into bipolarity depends on entirely superficial resemblances between observable behavioral symptom patterns.

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Chronic Illness and a Possible Perk

I’ve been having a decent length of feeling okay.  By okay I don’t mean like the average not chronically ill person.  I still dealt with a lot of chronic pain and all of my mental health stuff – but more often than not I was still able to function. 248 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder

All mouth and (occasionally) no spoons

Why spoons? I’m very well-known for being all mouth amongst the people who know me personally, but why spoons? You may not have heard of… 794 more words


Being excluded from your therapist's life: you've read the reasons - this is how it feels

The thing about feeling excluded from your therapist’s life – it’s triggered by the smallest things.

I was usually early for my appointments with my ex-therapist, … 1,772 more words