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Up-Town Woman - Part One

20 March 2015

We had arranged to meet at five o’clock, in the bar of a restaurant on East Seventeenth Avenue, in the Uptown neighborhood of the Mile High City. 982 more words

I need to write a proper entry.

I want to sit down and write about all the shit going on right now but it’s just too hard.

I can say that I just started and finished a book trilogy and now I’m utterly distraught and feel so depressed. 39 more words

Effed Up Junkie Dream

I should just have a category dedicated to my dreams because they are something else.  I can’t remember waking up and not recalling some sort of (usually effed up) dream. 645 more words


Sorry and thank you!

I could say I’ve been far too busy to blog recently, but let’s face it – it’s more a matter of being busy and then not managing my time well at all and a lack of inclination to organise my thoughts enough to write a post. 245 more words

Mental Health

Spring lift

so having been in a depressive state since New Years the fog has started to lift.

Sleeping up to 16 hours a day, no motivation and energy I am slowly rejoining the land of the living. 50 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder

Shipwreck in a Bottle

I come back into the room. I am staring  determinedly through the floor, and my voice is shaking. I am trembling. I speak to explain that sharing emotion is… 286 more words

Mental Health

I Miss My Friends

I am approaching two weeks without any voices. It sounds really weird to say, but I kind of miss them. The were such a part of my life for so long that it almost feels like I have lost a part of me. 38 more words

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