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Hello blog readers, this is Julia.

I’d like to share a story¬†from when the body was 16 years old. I’m going to write mostly from my personal memory, but not everything that happened was when I was fronting, so I’m going to mostly use “we”. 1,331 more words



Ive been alone, purely alone without the noise of life for a couple of days now. Not to say I haven’t interacted or been with people, that triggers and pokes are not still happening, they do, but being so isolated from the crush of life, makes me able to feel each sense perceptibly. 879 more words

Hi, you are bipolar. Welcome to medication for the rest of your life!

I was always a difficult child. When I was in Kindergarten, (I was born in ’83, so about 1988?) the school told my parents that I had adhd, and they thought I should be put on medication. 1,528 more words

"Slag pit, Stag shit, Honey bring it close to my lips yeah. Don't blow those brains yet."

Self-Harm Scars. I’ve been reading about them today, I find that reading my own thoughts in another’s words calms me. Somebody else experienced this, somebody else felt what I felt, somebody else recovered enough to look back and record objectively what happened. 1,114 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder

blog, pt deux

This started out as a reply to an earlier comment, but it went three paragraphs long, so I figured… might as well make it another post. 639 more words


I’ve been trying to get my mental and physical health under control for what seems like years now, and feel I haven’t gotten anywhere; and in many ways my health has worsened. 418 more words

Journal Entry

Sick and Tired, Literally

Yes, at 23:35 I am ecstatic to be sitting up in bed feeling sick as a dog. I was watching a movie with my boyfriend and we both dozed off. 256 more words