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Link To The Cast #4 -- Portal

On this week’s show…

Dave shares his final thoughts on Ether One & Wolfenstein: Old Blood, gives his opinions on Telltale and their catalogue of games so far, and starts to delve into the mad, mad world of Borderlands 2. 74 more words

Mark Robinson

Borderlands 2 Minecraft Easter Egg!

I think I’ve played Borderlands 2 for hundreds of hours, but the Idea of looking for Easter Eggs never hit me. So, the other day a friend  told me that there is a Minecraft Easter Egg hidden in the Borderlands 2 game. 44 more words

Borderlands 2

Power Leveling. Is It Wrong? Is It Right? Or Is It Just Plain Rude?

As you probably already know, I’ve been spending a lot of time in the Borderlands world recently with the release of Borderlands: The Handsome Collection for the PS4. 646 more words


Weekly Trophy Tip – Borderlands 2 – So Much Blood!

Another Borderlands 2 trophy tip for you this week, and this one is for those of you who don’t really like playing as the Gunzerker, like me, but you’re doing so in order to get the platinum trophy for this game. 376 more words


This Week In Trophies 05-10-2015 – 05-23-2015

This edition of this week in trophies is totally supersized since it includes last weeks trophies as well. After a week of feeling like absolute crap, it’s nice to finally start feeling better and getting back to doing what I love, which is gaming. 747 more words


Borderlands 3 - Leave behind low-grav?

Each new Borderlands title has something extra to give it a distinct identity. The first title set the stage for the franchise with gritty graphics and dark humor. 564 more words

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Borderlands 3 - Weapon Crafting

Borderlands has centered a lot of its marketing around one major element of their games: the guns. They boast of having millions of guns, and after playing through any of the titles you will really get a sense that when guns drop and show up they rarely look, feel, or behave the same way. 804 more words

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