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Once again, Donald Trump tells the truth about Mexican criminal aliens, the truth hurts doesn't it???

This is just another reason that the Donald is getting my vote. He’s not afraid to tell the truth and if you’re offended, then the truth hurts doesn’t it? 109 more words


Donald Trump gets fired for telling the truth, yet Brian Williams still works at NBC for lying, wtf???

Hey @NBC This is who @realDonaldTrump was talking about.
Feel stupid yet?
#KellyFile http://t.co/xcwI7AxI5Z
RockPrincess (@Rockprincess818) June 30, 2015

So let me get this straight… Donald Trump gets fired by NBC for telling the truth about something that no one else would and Brian Williams still works at NBC for lying.

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PJ Media: “Author and political commentator Ann Coulter said there should be a 10-year freeze on immigration to the U.S. since the federal government has demonstrated it cannot enforce current law. 209 more words


The new Obama Doctrine

The New Obama Doctrine is carved in stone!

Embolden our enemies, Undermine our friends and Diminish the country.

Men in Black EARNED Never Ever Given

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Creative Thinking

Are borders becoming irrelevant?

We are today in the era of fourth generation warfare which is characterised by the emergence of an increasing number of non-state actors in the form of terrorist and fundamentalist groups. 409 more words

Indian Army

De grens tussen Mexico en de VS: van verdedigingsmuur naar welvaartsmembraan

Mexico en Amerika, al sinds het eerste contact tussen de twee in 1846 zijn de buren het bijna dagelijks met elkaar oneens. Door de economische belangen heeft hun relatie veel weg van een gearrangeerd huwelijk, met een grens die constant negatief in het nieuws verschijnt als ongewild huwelijkscadeau. 986 more words