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DIY Laundry Detergent

I make this in doubles. I am providing a recipe that should last you 3-6 months (or longer) depending on how much laundry you do. We are a household of 6 most of the time but 7 when my grandson comes to for a few days. 265 more words


Washing, Drying and $aving

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the average family washes 400 loads of laundry per year. If you’re average, depending on the detergent you use, this is costing you between $30 – $100 per year, plus the cost of dryer sheets, fabric softener, laundry boosters and stain removers. 389 more words


Global Borax Deca Hydrate Industry 2015 Market Research Report - QY Research

In a chapter-wise format, the report evaluates the demand and supply trends observed in the Borax Deca Hydrate market, complete with relevant statistics and graphical representation. 44 more words

Every day is Laundry Day!

With a family of 6, laundry day is everyday! I need to make more laundry soap today and wanted to share my favorite homemade laundry recipe with you! 387 more words

Laundry Detergent that lasts 6+MONTHS...YES PLEASE!

Yes, that’s right…I admit it…My name is Holly and I am a DIYaholic.

I want to share with you my laundry detergent that LITERALLY LASTS 6+MONTHS…maybe longer if you don’t do at least one load a day like I do!!! 1,152 more words

Arm & Hammer

Pirogue Restoration 2

We have made some significant strides with our old little pirogue. After finishing up with eons of scraping old black marine paint off its hull, we started on the accretive path. 648 more words

Boat Restoration

borax canister cir 1960s

Great vintage find by ReallyRadicalRetro (3.00 USD) http://ift.tt/1FcFJic