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Japan Day .75 : The party at 3am on the 15th floor.

I’d love to say that the title of this particular episode begins and ends in a lust filled, drunken rager where I was fawned over by beautiful Japanese women and taken hostage by the Yakuza, but it actually was much quieter and less cinematic. 607 more words


Campeón Añejo Tequila - The Review

Campeón Tequila Añejo

Proof: 80
Color: pale straw
Nose: citrus, pineapple, fresh herbs
Taste: herbs, sour lemon, sweet pear & pineapple
Finish: smooth, sweet and long… 601 more words


The Six Pack: April 27

A lot of ‘stuff’ comes out every week. Movies, shows, albums, books, games, beers. Grab a six pack of our favorites.

Avengers 2: Age of Ultron… 336 more words


Mirthless Vigil

All the insects seem to know you’re dead
It seems that I’m the memory of a ghost
I raise my glass for a solitary toast… 87 more words


Last April Weekend

Weekend Top Five:

{1} Smorgasburg is becoming a weekly event for us.

Grady’s cold brew is the best.

I got vegetable ramen with truffle oil. 201 more words

Yes. I AM Going To Drink All the Vodka.

Dear Flight Attendant,
Yes. I just bought vodka on our flight. It is 4pm which is happy hour or at the very least happy hour adjacent. 134 more words


The Subtle Impact of Drinking Too Much

I was never a bottle-of-vodka-at-7am type of boozer. I loved alcohol and, as I transformed from a child to a teenager, I never imagined I wouldn’t become a drinker. 563 more words

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