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Old Hoppy Hen

Brewed by the Morland brewery this is a malty pale ale.  The only thing that spoils this are the hops that leat ve a bitter taste on the tongue.   56 more words


TC Makers: We Sample The Goods At The Dogfish Head Brewery

Beer is my favorite food. That means I was especially excited to be able to visit the Dogfish Head Brewery in Milton, DE, a palace dedicated to the production of some of the nicest beers around. 149 more words


St Peter's Cream Stout

A dark and chocolatey brew full of bittersweet aftertaste.  It’s a meal in itself and tastes like it would sustain someone through a tough journey.  Strong hops and 4 types of barley malts have been combined to produce a fine stout.


Guinness Dublin Porter

A new one from Guinness which has its roots (apparently) in a recipe from 1796.  Dark and smooth it is a little less bitter than Guinness standard but full of flavour.   11 more words


Guinness Bottled

I remember drinking this when I was 17 and in a UK pub.  I much preferred it to the draft or canned Guinness because it has more flavour and bite.   31 more words


I Think I've Been Insulted...

Probably not. Probably they have to ask everyone.

But it didn’t make me happy to be asked if I “want one of the lads to carry that out” just now at the shop. 98 more words


Smashingly Drunk

December 13, 1993

Thursday night was fun. We all got smashingly drunk. Scott was crawling on the floor, Jon was spilling things, J was less annoying, and E and I had great conversations. 25 more words