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Your Fitness Journey: Success Begins Where Comparison Ends

Do you know that I do what most fitness professionals would consider an intense leg workout, EVERY TIME I hit the gym? That’s about 5 times per week that I’m lunging around the world, frog leaping, leg pressing, squating, dead lifting, sprinting, jogging, stepping, pedaling, tippy-toeing and leg curling. 395 more words



Can machine translation software spot the difference?

*Each Word of the Day was translated from English into Slovak by Google Translate. Never came out right, even if I supplied sufficient context for GT to spot the difference.

Spot The Difference

The Booty Epidemic

The booty epidemic is still on the rise throughout the US! Here’s my problem: For some reason, men that I date are Butt Men! I don’t want my butt to go away!  517 more words

Booty Builder of the Week

Since it is summer I know a lot of the ladies (and maybe gentlemen too) are thinking about their booties. Starting now, I will be sharing my favorite exercises that target those glutes! 96 more words

Body Building