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Poetry: Do Us Part by Dawn Dorland

I’ve been wanting to ask you, Do you remember what I said at your wedding? Once you’d exchanged vows by banjo and your parents cried through their speeches; after Hava Nagila, when you and your bride flew on chairs. 115 more words

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Poetry: Leave-Taking

the trees react to colder nights by stripping naked
the meadow too

it’s as if they’re about to set off somewhere
all excess baggage is left at the gate… 40 more words

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Poetry: Text by Carol Ann Duffy

I tend the mobile now
like an injured bird.

We text, text, text
our significant words.

I re-read your first,
your second, your third,

look for your small xx, 29 more words

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Poetry: Cardinals

With but his red to woo her,

in a courtship of minutes,

he captured her jackhammer heart.

For three years, with each

never losing sight of the other, 38 more words

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Ode to Eating a Pomegranate in Brooklyn

When I fall in love again I will have another heart

and a second set of eyes which is one way

to watch the woman you love          grow old… 98 more words

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Poetry: Story in Which I Am Renamed Saint

It’d been so long since we’d touched, you thought I must’ve found God. I caught you in the dark watching a video: a piano on the curb letting itself be touched and touched, singing for any finger that asked. 80 more words

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Poetry: 'Big Sky'

The Kid rode west. That was where the light went. A small house there. The rest of it below the prairie. The Kid only a small moving piece that never reached the horizon. 11 more words

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