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On Jeff Lemire's "Essex County."

My introduction to Jeff Lemire’s Essex County was weirdly serendipitous. Sometime during the months that I was studying for my comprehensive exam, I also gave my pastor a description of my area of study (I look at coming of age graphic novels that take up the relationships between bodies, spaces, and political and cultural structures). 651 more words


I Was Amelia Earhart

I just finished Jane Mendelsohn’s I was Amelia Earhart. I read it, in one one sitting, and basically gulped it down. It’s lyrical, not in the sense that nothing happens, but in the sense that you care more about the people who facilitate and respond to the happenings. 157 more words


On Maratha Schabas' first novel, "Various Positions."

What follows is something between a review of and a response to Martha Schabas’s first novel, Various Positions. Some of the content of this blog post gives away minor plot points in the text. 611 more words


Bavê Nazê Writes About The Armenian Genocide

The Kurdish writer Bavê Nazê wrote the book Stokhomê Te Çi Dîtiye Bêje after being accused of killing Swedish Prime Minister Olaf Palme. While he was being investigated by the Swedish police in 1986, Nazê told them about his past, and the story of his mother surviving the Armenian Genocide in 1918. 859 more words


death and what comes next

(A Discworld short story by Terry Pratchett)
Copyright © Terry Pratchett 2002 811 more words

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In Blacks Defense

In the blacks defense I know of noble men and women who had no alternative then committing criminal offenses/ trying to make dollars out no cents we all know who made it like this/ so your honor don’t you dare sit on your high horse acting like a son of a bitch excuse my language but for my people I am sincerely passionate/ we find ourselves stranded with nothing besides hatred/ who else can violence be taken out on other than those who are present/ living in the slums dressing well but still feeling like bums/ my heart is heavy because its death on both sides/ I grew up being afraid of cop cars now I’m scared to death by spending a lifetime behind bars/ charged with killing my own color, that’s some black power/ myself in the mirror will force me to kill them quicker than a Ku Klux Klan member/ can’t remember not ever being referred to as a nigger/ although my intelligence makes me far greater than ignorant/ blacks and whites smile in my face because they want something from me/ I don’t mind being a slave for the right pay rate/ I desire top dollar there is no debate/ when I refuse that’s when I am hated/ but I will not die a simple peasant I guarantee it/ life is simply black and white no mediums/ I pray to Jesus receiving no blessings begging this day would be different and it isn’t/ your honor in blacks defense we are innocent being victims of wicked circumstances. 6 more words


Nights in Rodanthe by Nicholas Sparks

“Reeling with heartache after her husband abandons her for a younger woman, Adrienne Willis flees to the small coastal town of Rodanthe, North Carolina, to tend a friend’s inn. 323 more words

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