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#WisdomTales 22May15 : The Ultimate Truth of Life...

#WisdomTales 22May15 : The Ultimate Truth of Life

Once upon a time, a young fish asked an old fish: “Everyone talks about this thing they call ‘ 174 more words

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#WisdomTales 21May15 : Look Inside - Beyond the Outer Layer...

#WisdomTales 21May15 : Look Inside – Beyond the Outer Layer…

Once a Monk, travelling for a very long period of time returned to his home-town, dressed in his… 120 more words

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#WisdomTales 20May15 : Serving Others or Waiting to be Served...

#WisdomTales 20May15 : Serving Others or Waiting to be Served…

There was a man who prayed continually for the awareness to succeed in life.

Then one night he dreamed of going into the forest to attain understanding. 206 more words

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#WisdonTales 19May15 : Kalpa-Vriksa The Wishing Tree...

#WisdonTales 19May15 : Kalpa-Vriksha The Wishing Tree…

There was a poor man walking through the woods reflecting upon his many troubles.

He stopped to rest against a tree, he didn’t realize that it was Kalpa-Vriksha – a magical tree that would instantly grant the wishes of anyone who came in contact with it. 307 more words

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Star Wars Dark Disciple on July 7th

As you know more untold stories from the Emmy-winning series Star Wars The Clone Wars are coming in novel with the Dark Disciple based on 8 episodes from the series. 34 more words

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#WisdomTales : 15May15 : Open Mind Open New Doors

#WisdomTales : 15May15 : Open Mind Open New Doors

Long time ago, after spending long duration of time on battle fields fighting many wars, a warrior king decided to take a break. 136 more words

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Jacked by David Kushner – the Rockstar Games & GTA Story

I’m well aware of the regularity of opening a blog post by saying how much I loved David Kushner’s Masters of Doom; the story of id Software’s struggles to produce landmark games against a backdrop of censorship and developing technologies in the 1990s, so when I found a book by the same author about the minds which brought you the… 558 more words

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