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There is a signed copy of my romance novel love. let me know if you guys are really interested in winning this and I’ll have a contest up for you by tomorrow. 16 more words


How many

Would you be interested in winning a free copy of



Weird Weedill

Finished up the pulp-pot-horror fiction series book cover. Pretty happy with the results.


Companion to love

Companion to love just crossed forty thousand words in the rough draft. this is totally awesome as I still have another 9 chapters to go. this is chapter 11 in the bag though. 126 more words


Judging a book by its cover

They say “don’t judge a book by its cover!” but truth is I do… I know, maybe I shouldn’t but some covers are just like little pieces of art, so colorful and SHINY! 35 more words


The adventure begins

Today my small Spanish reading group starts Don Quixote. With chapter one read and reread I can already see something about this story that few ever mention or if it is mentioned I have seen very few postings on it. 219 more words