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Book Review - Her Name Is James by CJ Heath


When James Farrow’s father decided he wouldn’t have his 15 year old son under his roof any more, the boy was taken into care. Now James is 18 and is no longer the responsibility of Social Services. 722 more words


The Song of Achilles

Picture somebody who knows things.  They know about soil, and the Battle of Agincourt.  They know about chemical compounds and can quote Shakespeare freely.  They speak passable French, can use equations to solve mysterious sequences, and can whip up a watercolour at the drop of a hat.  652 more words

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Review of Loving God When You Don’t Love the Church, Part Two

Why is it that people who have been wounded in church will still be talking about their wounds years later? Why can people forgive a betraying friend or experience a business meltdown and move on with their life, but if it is a church that fails them, it is nearly impossible to let it go?

2,129 more words

Review: In Love Again

In Love Again by Megan Mulry
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Claire Heyworth Barnes has lived her 20-years marriage life loveless to a duplicitous British aristocrat. 275 more words


AUTHOR INTERVIEW Christopher Fowler - The Burning Man: London mystery packed with interesting characters & intriguing plots

Blazing riots besiege London following a banking scandal, and during one of them a homeless man gets killed. When he’s followed by another victim, and another, all of whom killed brutally with fire, the Peculiar Crimes Unit with the elderly, eccentric but effective Arthur Bryant and John May gets in on the action. 998 more words

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Review: The Hobbit

The Hobbit (1937)
J.R.R. Tolkien
Rating: ★★★★★
Started: 20 February 2013
Finished: 6 April 2013

Less of a review this time round and more just me vomiting up all of my thoughts about having re-read The Hobbit after not having read it since I was young (I was about eight when I first read it). 102 more words

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'Women Are Scary: The Totally Awkward Adventure of Finding Mom Friends' - A Book Review

‘Get out there all you geeks and weirdos. The world is waiting and you are fabulous.’

Ever found yourself making awkward small talk with other mothers at the park? 718 more words

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