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The Diabolical Conspiracy by Bryan Smith

The book kicks off with Mike Bradley unexpectedly finding himself attending a satanic cult meeting. He’s doing it for a girl, Marnie. Unfortunately, it turns out that these particular satanists are not role playing goths, but actual, legitimate, murderous satanists. 458 more words

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Pretentious Literary Review

Anyone who has studied a second or third language in school is likely to be familiar with amateur literary reviews. The literature section of the syllabus usually consisted of short stories in a variety of different settings. 527 more words

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The Joy of Sox- Book Review

This time of year, sock knitting is the perfect project to cart around with you to your kid’s soccer game, the family picnic, or your neighbour’s backyard BBQ. 664 more words

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The Literary Lair: Young Zaphod Plays It Safe

This Towel Day we look at the last remaining Hitchhiker’s Guide story that I own, a short story focusing on the hoopiest frood to ever walk the universe, Zaphod Beeblebrox.


Book Review - The Master (Game Maker #2) by Kresley Cole

*fanning self*

Alright, Kresley Cole is totally onto something with this whole Russian hottie, alpha male theme she has going on in these books.  Can we clone her so we get more of these stories in less time than it would take if she was working by herself? 659 more words


And are your eyes brown? Then you are not interesting to me.



Amanda Pillar

Netgalley review

In this fantasy novel 3 main forms of humanoids inhabit a world that has been constructed by genetic manipulation. Not medieval thankfully – more like late 18th century customs and scientific knowledge. 163 more words

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Guardians Of Halahala... Shatrujeet Nath - Book Review

Title : Guardians Of Halahala 
Author : Shatrujeet Nath
Pages : 428
Publisher : Jaico Publication
Genre : Mythological/Fantasy Thriller

Rating :

Cover : 4.5/5… 465 more words

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