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Breach- A Book Club Book Review

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When this book was put for review, I was told that this is the book by the woman who leads Mills & Boons in India. 717 more words

Book Review

Sin-Seer Leadership by Raj D. Mohan

‘Sin-Seer Leadership’ is an inspirational book that returns the human element to the world of business. I think it is best described as a helpful guide through the complexities of modern life, helping readers to develop the skills that make them not only good entrepreneurs, but good people too. 304 more words

Book Review

In the Beginning Was the Sea-Review

In the Beginning Was the Sea- Tomás González (translated by Frank Wyne)

Rating: 3 stars

When I first picked this up, I’d never heard of the book, or the author. 787 more words

Book Review


In the first book of the Tess Monaghan series, Baltimore Blues (Tess Monaghan Novel Book 1), Tess is feeling adrift. It has been two years since her newspaper job ended, and she has yet to discover her new “true passion.” 330 more words

Book Review

Trigger Warning

I adore Neil Gaiman. I love his vivid imagery, the subtlety of the stories, the unique way he has of seeing the world. He himself is awesome as well, and is someone I would love to have a beer with. 290 more words

Book Review

Exploration of Humans and Nature in In Caddis Wood by Mary Francois Rockcastle

Why Mary Francois Rockcastle’s debut novel, Rainy Lake, was all about opposing forces, In Caddis Wood explores the parallel of humans and nature and how they interact and disrupt one another. 457 more words

Book Review

Writer Wednesday Review

Wait! Don’t close this window or hit delete because you don’t think Prayers for Your Children is relevant for you. Whether you realize it or not, you – yes, you – influence the children you come in contact with everyday. 191 more words

Book Review