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First Do No Harm

Unfortunately, Republicans/Conservatives have the opposite attitude when it comes to poor Americans. Poor Americans are used as scapegoats for the sins Republicans/Conservatives don’t with to admit to themselves. 260 more words

Income Equality

"Oppressive Love"

Sometimes love can become oppressive. A person becomes obstinate and digs in their heels. Commitments are made, and then they shut down. They are good for parts of a relationship, but then, they won’t budge. 315 more words


Teaching Composition

Usually I find with middle school students that they have never considered their art projects in terms of the whole piece of paper. Their focus is so much on the thing they want to represent that the paper is just a safe place to draw. 399 more words

Joseph and His Brothers

(I’m still sick, but nowhere near as bad as I was Friday night and most of yesterday.Thanks for all your prayers and good wishes!)

When I was a boy, I was fascinated by the story of Joseph. 435 more words


Thoughts on a Wedding

Well the wedding has finally come and gone. Now we get to wait a couple of hours while the bridal party goes to Chicago to take pictures. 284 more words

Bible Teaching


65`-=5`-=65`-=5`5`Will we make one to carry us around or  have “THEY” already done so?

Maybe about sixty-five hundred years ago?

Are we Genesis 1 man? Absolutely not. 347 more words

In Search Of Truth

Is there a covenant at creation?

Following on from my blog article, ‘What is a Covenant?’, comes the next instalment. It asks, ‘Is there a covenant at creation?’

To whet your appetite, here’s a short excerpt: 62 more words

Biblical Studies