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#ClutchandWiggle Episode 205 - Where The Poo Comes Out [Post Game]

Another stellar show in the books. Lots to get too again, so here’s the rundown:
* New bit: What will offend Jamil?
So with fan communication running rampant, a new “bit” was formed in what would offend a fan. 493 more words


What ever you call 'em...

Rack, Dingle-bobbers, Tits, Norgs, Twins, Hangers I was fourteen when I realised that boys like tits. They loved a nice set of twins that were pert and firm, and at that particular time, mine were.  1,144 more words


If it wasn't attached to my neck...

When I finished work yesterday I accidentally turned part of my brain off. However, I didn’t realize this until I got to Curves and discovered that I’d left the office without my workout bag. 463 more words


Real story - Hot 28 year old big ass wife fucked in car

Hello friends, My online name is DON, and I am an avid reader of various sex sites. Since I can read Hindi and English both, I have read various fantastic sex adventures stories on global websites. 1,966 more words

Saying Goodbye to Leftie

How should I be feeling about losing a breast? No one can answer this for me except me. It is a really weird thing because it isn’t like I actually ‘need’ good ol’ leftie but I don’t particularly want her thrown in the bin either. 471 more words

I'm mad...or not? I can't really put this into words....

Today I’m wearing a V neck. Problem with V necks is that they’re shirts invented for men with beautiful pecs, and girls with cleavage. People without beautiful pecs or cleavage tend to add an undershirt to the V neck madness but the problem with undershirts is that they remind everyone that i don’t have a cleavage. 250 more words