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Breast Pads... Not for everybody

It is currently 7pm English time. My son has gone for his evening shower with his dad, before he is fed and put down to sleep the night away and dream sweet baby dreams. 345 more words


Running in the rain, bras, husbands, and apocalyptic sex

I’m just back from a run in the rain and sleet and it was glorious; the best run I’ve had for ages. I felt wonderfully alive. 343 more words


I'm a writer, not a blogger

Gone are the days when I would bring forth a plethora of recipes detailing on my latest concoctions in the kitchen; the days where I would be tempted to detail on every nook and cranny of one of my travel trails; the days where I would tweet and hashtag the hell out of my Instagram pictures in order to get more views on my website. 804 more words