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Small Juni #2

This small one needs a little attention but is still looking pretty cool. Residing in a Tokoname pot.

West Australia

Yellow tree

This tree beginning to really impress me, gotta love the Golden foliage. Some raw pics from the garden.
Melaleuca golden gem#1


25: small pleasures

 It’s about the little things: lying in bed knowing it’s still dark outside and hearing the distant notes of the first blackbird raising the dawn chorus… it’s the delicious forced-fresh-air smell of line-dried sheets, soothing and relaxing, enfolding you after a long day outside… the feel of shady grass on your bare feet on a hot sunny day… that moment you catch the first breath of the sea… the aroma of freshly made coffee… opening a new book and pushing your nose deep in to see if it smells ‘right’… sharp colouring pencils in rainbow order…


Cherry Blossoms at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden (2015)

Tomorrow is “Sakura Matsuri” at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. I probably would go this weekend if I wasn’t working! But I had a day off today, so I avoided the crowds and the higher admission fee (and also the live events set for the highly anticipated annual festival). 163 more words

New York

common juniper spring update

This is one of the smallest tree in my collection.

Workshop County Clare

In efforts to spread the bonsai word to all of Ireland, we now venture to Bunratty in County Clare. This time we add a new partnership to the mix with the newly opened… 126 more words


Quito - the City that Grew on Me

We have passed the 3 week mark in Quito, Ecuador. While this isn’t ideal and we would rather be getting on with our new life on the Galapagos Islands, there are worse places to spend a few weeks as you wait for your visas. 521 more words