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Liverwort and Bonsai

Liverworts are flat growing green plants, closely related to mosses (Bryophytes). They have no stem and only a thallus, the flat leaf-like structure that is seen above ground. 377 more words

Expensive bonsai stolen from Pacific Bonsai Museum recovered - The Seattle Times‏

SEATTLE – A 60-year old bonsai worth several thousand dollars that was stolen from the Pacific Bonsai Museum has been recovered.

The “work of living art,” which was found Wednesday morning a few miles from the museum, had been severely pruned but will likely live, according to museum curator Aarin Packard.The tree, stolen Monday, was found after the museum received a tip about its location and notified police, said Kathy McCabe, Executive Director of the Pacific Bonsai Museum. 208 more words


Junipers of Bonsai Mirai

Ryan Neil is well known for his work on collected junipers. His garden reflects this – among the many outstanding specimens at Bonsai Mirai, it’s the junipers that shine brightest. 168 more words


Ficus natalensis

This natalensis in my care for past 4 years. Retraining complete branch structure.

West Australia

Redwood Bonsai

Love the concept of Bonsai Redwood. Take one of the biggest growing items in the world, and keep it small.

We will be showing some of our REDWOODS being up to 15 years in our care. 124 more words


Images from the Bonsai Show at the Toronto Botanical Garden, May 16.


inspirations from Barcelona

Some very nice clump over the rock

some lovely deadwood on olive tree

Lovely cork bark

and old tree

and deadwood

some roots spreading