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An Odd Mugo Pine

A couple days ago, my local nursery got in a semi-truck load of new stock. I’ll be heading back over soon for some new trees later this weekend before they’re gone, . 123 more words

The Mini Forest 

Ah! An afternoon in the Mini Forest, my balcony garden.

Elmy and Twisty had slight trims. Elmy (Chinese Elm, bottom right) still has a slight bald area on her top, but I think she’ll back fill nicely this year now that she’s at full health. 169 more words


Preparing a trees for show, whether it is an “in-progress” tree or a formal display is gratifyingly tedious labor. It is, however, a labor of love. 327 more words


£10? Yew must be joking.

Either this was a bargain or else I’m sure some folk may think it was overpriced for what appears to be a sickly shrub.  I was out with my family at a garden centre celebrating some Easter activities but as always I was also on the lookout for anything unusual/cheap that could be used for bonsai purposes.  348 more words


Olea europaea

New addition to the nursery, and prebonsai…

I’ll post better pics, when the weather gets better.

general information:

  • slow growing tree (in nature about 10m high), leaves are long with a silvery belly, buds back, after cutting the branch dies back (noticed, but not sure about that)
  • 71 more words

Prunus incisa "Kojo-no-Mai", Fuji cherry

This is the new addition to the nursery- a Fuji cherry. I looks like a twin-trunk…

I’ll meditate over the shape later, after flowering…

general information – P. 115 more words


Morus alba, white mulberry

I’m quite happy, that this Morus alba survived winter in the coldhouse. I bought it last year – I think it was October- in a shopping mall. 119 more words

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