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Where Are You Now?

Once again we Track are amidst a time of transition, changing continents and changing schedules. We’ve finished our last outreach (stint of volunteering) as a team and now have another lecture phase before us. 125 more words


A Right to a Coast! (?)

I knew there was a reason to feel a bit suspicious towards Chile (quite independently from own personal experiences): That country is greedy! Nearly 5000 kilometers of coast line weren’t enough, it just had to take away Bolivia’s meagre 500 kilometers as well, thus making it into a landlocked country, with all the negative effects on trade, export and tourists in search of a beach holiday. 912 more words


La Paz - Bolivia

We leave Uyuni for La Paz at approximately 19.30. The distance is 790 km and it will take at least 10 hours. I am quite surprised to find the bus in tip-top shape. 505 more words

Travel Destinations

The prettiest place on earth....

In many childhood fairytales, narrators describe a place where the earth meets the sky – a place where heaven is sold as the joining of clouds to the edge of the earth; and where people go for  peaceful contemplation. 156 more words


Tupiza to Uyuni

We are 7 weeks into our trip and I’ve agreed with Pete that I’ll start taking the lion’s share of organising and planning for a bit. 1,762 more words


Nearly 3 weeks in Bolivia!

It’s been nearly 3 weeks here in Bolivia and I know that I’ve been rather quiet. I had my own reasons though. Apart from being quite busy, I did not want to be too negative and I had a feeling that if I were to write about anything, it would be mostly complaining. 308 more words