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Awesome Stories 211

This week Awesome Stories brings you solitude, radical ship design, awesomeness, aeroponic gardens and the sharing economy.

Ponderings on Solitude

In consequence, one responds more clearly to other lives.

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Awesome Stories

The Invitation

Read 2 Chronicles 30

Focus on verse 10-11

It is always disappointing when an invitation is declined, but it is more than disappointing when and invitation is scorned. 291 more words

Daily Devotional

Have You Dared Greatly Today?

When was the last time you dared…dared greatly? This can seem scary because when you dare, you open up the chance of failure, rejection, and possibly being embarrassed. 138 more words

The Expedition of Our Age

Nothing is guaranteed.  There is no plan or path that can ensure the kind of life you want.  There are only opportunities with varying degrees of risk.   464 more words


Unknown... but not unnoticed

Reading through the 14th chapter of Mark’s gospel there are a few characters there that I would group together under the heading:

                UNKNOWN…. BUT NOT UNNOTICED… 346 more words


Giant Slayer

Creativity is deeply embedded in children’s DNA. Fearlessly questioning all assumptions. Trusting in their ability to solve problems. Envisioning a world of endless possibilities.

Sadly, the day comes when many children begin imitating the adults in their environment. 381 more words


Be. . . . . BOLD.ER!

Hello Loves,

I hope each one of you is well, and if you aren’t try a smile. It will make you feel just a little bit better. 920 more words