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Pro-Axact or Anti-Axact

This is one hot question that has been going around in Pakistani social circles in the last few days. The recent media attention diverted to the Axact situation has created yet another division in Pakistan: pro-Axact or anti-Axact. 592 more words

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The Article Somebody SHOULD Publish: "You did know, but you didn't give a fuck!"

So, I recently came across this NAUSEATING article by Wajahat Khan, a “defence analyst” par excellence (or so he would have you believe, if you look at him strutting around on your screen with a self satisfied smirk on his face, the man is nothing if not in love with himself), in which he COMPLETELY shifts blame on others, under the guise of contrition and shame (which he never shows throughout this long drawn bullshit of an article). 1,303 more words


Is Bol worthy of defense?

Ongoing Axact scandal has raised a lot of questions over Bol and the credibility of journalists who joined it, all of which are respected names in the industry. 196 more words

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Dear Media! Say No to Ratings..

Media: Yes to national interests and No to ratings…

Media is fourth pillar of state and is playing very important role with respect to country’s image.  336 more words

Still Life | Bowl of Satisfaction

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