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March running summary

Since I started running more and keeping track of it, I improved every month. Regarding the overall distance run in a month, I’ve been breaking my own records every month. 232 more words


Roadblock! :(

Last night was a disaster.

I’d already planned to go to dinner with some friends at our regular dinner get-together. On the same night, just before the get-together, I had to meet up with my ex-husband for dinner at another restaurant, and help him with the kids. 349 more words


Getting myself back on track

The past two weeks have been a little trying for me personally and it’s been affecting my workouts and my eating habits. I don’t like making excuses for sticking to the plan, but I’m only human and we all have those times when we need a break and reach for the burger. 570 more words

General Post

Proving Something To Yourself

The main edges of body building should be obvious to merely about anyone, with the very fact that physical power is often highly coveted. Strong men have continuously been respected and held in awe, as way back a minimum of as Samson in Biblical times. 150 more words

On weak points, PRs, and misconceptions.

Wow, what a week so far. And last week too (sorry)! First, a little not so humble bragging…I’ve been back in training for less than two months, and have made up some incredible ground in regaining my, well, gains. 925 more words

Bodybuilding.com's Arnold's Blueprint - Day 19 - Shoulders & Arms - Plus, My Super Top Secret & Super Researched Plan To Losing As Much Fat As You Want

Greetings, all.

The NY Times Best-Seller List, along with Amazon’s Top 10 Best-Selling Books always have diet books featured, with every once and a while things like the Atkin’s Diet becoming phenomenons. 631 more words


Ending Early

I walked into the gym today at 8:30 AM ready to get my leg day underway. I did my legpress, deadlifts, and was about to start my first set of squats when suddenly something hit me. 231 more words