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Incredible Subtle Tattoo Ideas

Many people go for tattoo ideas that they thought up and when they get it done, it looks nothing like they thought it would be. It’s important to go to someone reliable, someone who has picture proof of his work and not internet print out’s and someone your friends have gone to who has been around for years. 15 more words

7 Things People With Tattoos Are Tired Of Hearing

Get ready for the next rant! This might seem rude to some, but it’s really just my opinions and experiences! I absolutely love my tattoos and I love being able to tell my story through them, but I tend to hear the same questions from everyone who either doesn’t understand body ink or doesn’t approve of it. 572 more words


Tattoo or Taboo? You decide!

On every street in every City nowadays you will see men and women with tattoos, images of models and celebrities with bodies adorned with them fill fashion magazines and the internet  alike. 171 more words