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Favoured Women's Body Types Throughout The Ages

A really cool eye-opening video on how the standard to which a woman’s body is judged is ever changing. From flat – chested boyish figures, to full-figured plump waists and even androgynous  bodies have been the order of the day throughout the ages! 32 more words


Linen shift dress for tomorrow/Summer

My Pleat Top Muslin is on hold because they are expecting 30 degrees heat tomorrow and the rest of the week and sewing a shift dress is fast. 772 more words


In Fact, The Weather Up Here is Great

“Do you play basketball?” No, I did at one point in my life, but I had to grow up and realize my balling skills aren’t gonna get me a degree. 833 more words


Real love sees and feels the kindness, warmth and honesty which dwells within their soul and the soul of the other.


Just call me an Endomorph

This quest to find the perfect balance with my diet and fitness is teaching me that there is no clear cut tried and true method that works for everyone. 346 more words


Guest post by Jenna Brand: How to Dress for Your Body Shape

Apple: With an ample bust and skinnier legs, a short wrap dress may be your best look.

Pear: Your hips don’t lie, that’s for sure! Try drawing attention to your top with bright blouses, a deep neckline, and that perfect necklace. 258 more words

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Cater To Your Shape: Part #4

Part #4: The Rectangle

If you fall under the rectangle shape, you probably wear the same size in your tops and bottoms. This is because your shape is essentially, straight, meaning your bust and hips are about the same width and you don’t have a clear, defined waist. 310 more words