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(case study) - BIG BEAUTIFUL WOMEN

KAMPALA – In case you don’t know, BBW stands for “Big Beautiful Women”, “big” being a substitute word for “fat”, which sounds a bit less demeaning. 1,187 more words

Floor Them In Florals! Ground Breaking Florals For Spring!

As the 2006 film that fed fashion fetishes around the world, The Devil Wears Prada, has been the key source for snobbish social quotes. One of the most circulated of them all comes from the scene where Meryl Streep reprimands her highly regarded editorial staff for presenting “florals” as a hot spring trend. 397 more words

Some Advice Regarding Style Advice.

I am a satisfactorily functioning young person. Therefore, I’m naturally dependent on magazines and the internet to tell me what to wear. Because, it’s but obvious that people who have never met me and have no idea what I look like are the best to tell me what I should wear and how I should dress. 259 more words


What's Your Body Type ?

Hi friends. Firstly , welcome to my blog style runway . <3
Dress  according to Your Body type  (1st step of styling yourself or anyone ) 433 more words

Body Type

How A Suit Should Fit

Nothing makes a man look more dapper than when he is wearing a well-fitted suit.  Here’s your guide on how to make sure that your suit has the perfect fit for your body…


Naked (and Healthy) in the Netherlands

So, speaking of nudity… Oh, wait, we weren’t speaking of nudity, were we? Because we’re American and generally Americans don’t talk naked talk when first getting to know each other. 963 more words

A Brand You Can Get Behind - Sympli

One of my great pleasures as a women’s clothing store co-owner is the ability to choose the brands that our stores carry.  We always look for quality and value, but it is a special treat when the companies we choose also have a mission that lines up with our own – to empower women.   716 more words