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“Body Positive” Messages

LOFT and Jezebel got into a bit of a tiff over a video that LOFT posted to their website a while ago. The video, which was produced with the help of the comedy duo hotmessmoves, depicted a young woman weighing herself, wrapping her waist in clingwrap, and then exercising until she passed out. 691 more words

When You Look Good, You Feel Better

Sorry for the silence. I have been a little distracted with a lot of things going on. Just a quick update, Mom is home and on a feeding tube permanently. 913 more words

It's My Body and I'll Wear Stripes if I Want To

(photo courtesy of Roaman’s)

Roman’s is an online plus size online retailer that I frequent; I also follow their page on Facebook to get information on new styles and upcoming sales. 506 more words

Five Horrifying Mistakes Women Make While Having Sex

Girls, you’re doing sex ALL WRONG! There are lots of ways that your body is terrifying and disgusting. Follow our 5 step guide to avoid accidently grossing out the man that really likes you and wants to have sex with you. 391 more words

Hit Piece

Body Accountability

I’m a little late on this one but I want to talk about the backlash to Maria Kang over her impressive body photos and what it says about the American woman that Kang was taken to such task for having a statuesque figure. 781 more words

General Philosophy

Skinny is just as offensive as the word Fat.

Hello lovely people,

So as you can probably guess by the title of this blog, I’m not a happy bunny and as you’ll probably get to know, I do enjoy going on little rants. 402 more words

Anorexia Recovery

Brittany's Struggle with Anorexia & Bulimia - Part 1

by Sandra Bryant Evans

She was in the shower. The hot water felt good on her face, blissful in fact. She wasn’t feeling that well and this was helping. 1,351 more words