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Our Body-Shaming Culture: A Rant

*Language warning*

Does this image offend you?

How about this one?

Or this?

Or these?

I am very possibly going to come across as sanctimonious but right now I don’t care.  975 more words


"Diet" Is A Four Letter Word

Well, I mean, obviously.

But in this case I mean in the pejorative sense.

Diets are means by which dieters are deliberately set up to fail while others profit from their failures.  800 more words

Beauty and a Bengali

I hear the rumbling of make-up kits in my sister’s purse as she tries to pull out a hairbrush to fix her hair as we pull closer to our relative’s house for Eid holidays. 762 more words

The Way We Look

“Look upon the world with loving eyes and the reflection everyone sees will contain love.” 

― Bryant McGill

A: Yes, I went to their house to meet her. 1,021 more words


A Stream of Consciousness on Body-Shaming and Obesity

What’s the perfect balance between health and self-esteem. Recent movements in empowerment have brought up to light the issue of body-shaming, in which overweight people are criticized for their appearance on social media as well as other mediums of communication. 691 more words


I'm sorry

I’m sorry that my fingers don’t fit between your fingers perfectly. I’m sorry that my ribs stick out. I’m sorry if my hair are too curly for you. 106 more words

You Shouldn't Wear Makeup Because ... Blah Blah Blah Girl Bye

Hi all,

You could say I’m a pretty opinionated person. I’ve been pretty mum on this “power of makeup” campaign and the whole calling out of makeup shamers but an article I recently read on makeup was just so ridiculous that I had to say something about it. 782 more words