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Redefine: What is your image of beautiful?

As humans, it is so easy to focus on what we look like right now. What we talk like, dress like, act like, how much we weigh… the list goes on and on. 318 more words


Parenting | Mama Belly (My Belly/Body Image Story)

My belly has changed tremendously from pre-pregnancy to post-pregnancy. It has always been somewhat of a source of pride for me.

When I was a girl, one of my favorite places to rest my head was on my mother’s belly. 809 more words


Facts about Fat Girl Myths

I live in a size that the world wants to put into a box. Let’s face it. Being a “fat girl” means that people make some assumption about me and every other woman of “size”. 602 more words

Video: Love yourself, you are beautiful, you are not disgusting

Em, the beauty vlogger behind My Pale Skin, published a video with a very powerful message last week: Love yourself. You are beautiful. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. 134 more words


Veganism and Body Shaming

In the midst of what I am tentatively and ridiculously calling my feminist reawakening, I am facing some harsh realities about the vegan movement that I once placed on a pedestal.  793 more words


Week 9...Trust

I often find it hard to trust myself and my desires because they are constantly changing. I repetitively go back and forth between wanting recovery no matter what and wanting recover as long as it suits me and my dancing career. 849 more words

Eating Disorders

It's Time for A New Standard of Beauty, and That's No Standard at All

“…a society that tells women that their beauty matters most, and at the same time defines a standard of beauty that is perpetually out of our reach”

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