The Perfect Body: the IG Queen 

Once upon a time it was so exciting to be smart. Be that girl who got good grades and looked good. You know, a girl with substance. 751 more words

Fall Sport Prep: 4 Critical Ways to Stay Active This Summer

School is out for summer, but keeping yourself active between sports seasons will help you jump right back into the action next fall without breaking a sweat (though sweating is definitely recommended!) 493 more words

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Give Women A Break!

This past week held a lot of great news for women — and a lot of news that made me want to tear my hair out! 790 more words

Body Image

Ergo-Wrongnics - When short folks live in a giant world

So I’m not short. Apparently, I am petite. So much so, that I drown in seats that are made for regular sized people. I would like to think that I make up for my size deficit with my larger than life personality, but today, perched on a cushion to reach my keyboard, I’m more than a little fed up. 177 more words

Post Relapse Out of Fantasy Land- BIpolar and Eating Disorder

Out of Fantasy Land, You feel defective and less than acceptable. My God, do you know what happened to me was beyond my control, my emotions, my manic behaviours, I had no control over any of that.

1,218 more words
Eating Disorder Stories

My Two Cents: Do we want good quality Plus Size fashion?

Currently its being argued that it is the shopping practices of plus size women that affects retailer supply to their customers.  I find this accusation… 919 more words


How to get your body beach ready…….

Apply sun cream!

You’re beautiful just as you are!