Mrs. Potato Head

I got my hair cut a few weeks ago. It went fine. It went great, actually. I went to Rev. Billy’s Chop Shop and Billy did exactly what I asked him to, which was to keep the length (my hair’s super long right now) and get rid of the split ends and general bullshit that comes when you don’t get a haircut for over a year. 552 more words



I go on and off with running. For 6 months of the year, I go at least twice a week. For the other 6 months of the year, I don’t even  299 more words

Love Yourself

Another Day Anew: Website Launch

I know my hiatus from blogging here on my personal blog has been too long to even be called a hiatus anymore–it’s been more like a hibernation. 873 more words

Eating Disorder

Burn calories for weight loss!

I was having a general browse round tinternets, and came back to one of my old favourites. If you are triggered by exercise, turn away now. 348 more words

Body Image

Links à la Mode | February Edition

Links à la Mode is a collection of  blog posts, plus size news and overall things that have inspired me, moved me and made me smile this month.   679 more words

Body Image

A Rant About Loving Your Body, and Posting Your Stupid Workouts on Social Media.

There are so many opinions on loving one’s body in the information age. There is the “fit fam” camp who claim they are working out to showcase ‘their best selves'; there are sites and articles and companies trying to influence women and men to love themselves for who they are; there’s the “proud of our curves” camp; there are eating disorder survivors striving to love themselves again and recover from debilitating physical and mental illnesses. 978 more words

Love Yourself

The Art of Comparing Ourselves to Others: A Lesson In Perfectionism

If trying to be perfect was an artform, I’d be Picasso. If it were a class, I’d have an A+. If it were a superpower, well I’d be Clark Kent. 783 more words

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