An exercise in body image.

So today was my first day off to actually enjoy the nice weather which meant I could expand my wardrobe beyond ‘office appropriate attire’. Now, over the course of the week I had already been a lot more daring than I usually am. 973 more words


Recovery for me is...

The answer to this seemingly straightforward sentence has baffled my mind for years. If I want recovery so badly, why do I draw a blank every time I try to fill in the rest of this sentence? 799 more words

Eating Disorders

Day 33 - Why Slimmer? Judging books by their cover...

I read a quote today that made me ask myself this question in a totally different way. It was in an article about when concern over appearance becomes an obsession, it pointed out that people do not usually choose their friends based on physical appearance – even though those do factor in at first, it’s personality, moral standards and values that cement a friendship. 721 more words

Intuitive Eating

BodyLoveCT video with lululemon athletica

Please join me for this very special event.

With Love,



Food, weight and the shapes of our physical bodies aren’t actually the problem. It’s our minds. I finally got so tired of the diet and binge cycle that I vowed never to restrict my food again.

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Intuitive Eating

Love Letters: Body Image & 'Puberty The Remix'

‘Love Letters’ is a Petal + Sass blog feature that regularly asks a group of diverse women in their 20’s and 30’s about their experiences with health, sex, emotional wellness, body image, college, careers – and what they wish they had known themselves as teenagers.  1,833 more words


Mirror Meditations

Today, we’re going to clean your mirror. Here’s why:

Usually, when we look in the mirror, we don’t see the truth. Instead of a clear reflection, we see a very flawed image. 183 more words