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0% Body Fat is not your friend...

Don’t get me wrong I enjoy the physical benefits that come with training hard and generating a toned body…its just not a great thing for a T1D. 302 more words


"You're eating that and you're competing?"

Yes, it’s true, I’m 18 days away from my competition and I not only eat a minimum of 100g of carbs a day but I also eat dairy, red meat, peanut butter, fruit, and flatbreads. 321 more words

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Under 95kg and 29.7kg lost so far

I’ve made it to my personal target for the end of weight management. The target did start off at 100kg, but once that was hit I had to give myself a new target. 202 more words


Fighting social and industry ingrained fat bigotry and health-ism.

I have been a huge fan of multiple blogs that speak out against the ridiculous messages that are perpetuated by the fitness industry, bad gym culture, and society as a whole. 473 more words

Body Image/Body Positivity

Put some SPARK in your day!

Let’s start by saying I haven’t had soft drinks (pop, soda, Coke, Pepsi, Sierra Mist…) since 1997 when I was pregnant with my daughter.  I pretty much gave them up for the pregnancy sake and never missed them enough to add them back in.  472 more words


This is What Happens When You Stop Exercising

Ever wonder what would happen if you stopped working out? A new study on identical twins published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise explores exactly that, and the results are dramatic.

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Weight a minute

Dear Body Weight, 

I’m sure you have already heard this numerous times since we humans became so concerned with our health, well-being and body image, but you are fleeting, two-faced and fickle minded. 489 more words