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Where Diets Go Wrong

When we discover that we are heavier than we want to be, we have a natural inclination to eat less food.  We may skip lunch or eat only a small portion of our dinner in the hope that if we eat less our bodies will burn off some of its fat.   614 more words

9 Nutritional Supplements That Are Worth It.

We’re Thinking About Fitness:

Stuff we like. What Are The 9 Best Nutritional Training Tools?

Confused by what’s out there?

Everyone else has their own opinion. 959 more words


Demented gymn fitness fanatics

Keith Hudson

Those hundreds of thousands of obese individuals who do work-outs at gymns every week (or even every day) in the hope of losing significant amounts of flab ought to have realized early on that exercise is not the best way of keeping trim. 252 more words

Thoughts on Body Fat % & Time Line to Lose

Thoughts on Body Fat %

200lb – 45% body fat
TEE 2800
energy from food 1400 or 50%
energy from body fat 1400 or 50% 275 more words


30 ring bar rows

Rx strength was 20 pull ups. Since we didn’t have rings up, Coach J lowered on of the kid bars (that I use all the time, and I’m far from a kid) to the same height that the rings would be, and I did modified pull ups from there. 600 more words

Week 8 weigh in - continuing to lose body fat!!

I am ecstatic to write this post!

I cannot believe I’ve entered week 8 that means 2 months of clean and planned eating and hundreds of reps haha. 320 more words

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