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Squat Prep

When I’m going to squat during my gym sessions I like to make sure I get a thorough warm up with some foam rolling and mobility drills. 257 more words

Eating enough to grow

Let’s talk about those who want all the gainz. Or more specifically those who struggle to gain weight.

Guys who struggle to gain muscle are, probably, reasonably tall, long limbs, little muscle mass and probably quite lean, a body type known as a ectomorph. 473 more words

Do it for You

It is really important that your goals are YOUR goals.  If you set goals for other people — whether they are training goals, fat loss goals or career goals — you will not likely succeed.   424 more words


The Stuffed Piggy Diet: A 12 week experiment

By Jamie Page

A little disclaimer :

It took me about a month to decide to blast pics of my torso on the internet. I am a very modest person and I am showing these for documentation purposes only.  3,202 more words

Blog Post

Spontaneous Chilli Fish Soup

After coming home from work a couple of weeks ago with only a couple hours before I needed to go back into work for some night time clients, I needed lunch quickly and hadn’t had time to pop to the supermarket. 201 more words

Step Away from the Scale: Why Your Weight Doesn't Show the Whole Picture

I’m excited about this post today! If it stops 1 person from stepping on the scale everyday or multiple times a day…it will have been worth it! 1,397 more words


Our unhealthy obsession with weight.

Something that has always confused me is how people measure how ‘healthy’ they are by weighing themselves. The people who base their workouts and meals around those little digital numbers (or rotating pin), whose ‘health’ is constantly being measured by a number, rather than how they actually feel. 202 more words