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Dissociations among direct and indirect indicators of adiposity in young wrestlers.

The purposes of this study were to: (a) examine the age-related patterns of differences in height (HT), body mass (BM), percent body fat (% fat), body mass index (BMI), and skinfolds (SF) in 11- to 18-year-old wrestlers; (b) determine the coherence of direct (% fat) and indirect (BMI and SFs) indicators of adiposity in the wrestlers; and (c) compare the age-related patterns and mean values for HT, BM, BMI, subscapular, and triceps SF for the wrestlers to those of national samples of boys from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) database. 196 more words


For Optimum Performance & Conditioning...Fuel Your Muscles With Fat!

Part 1 of Series:

Science has long since known that the potential energy contained in one gram of fat is equivalent to nine calories, whereas protein and carbohydrates yield only four calories of energy per gram.   378 more words

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Which Cardio Equipment Is Best For You

Cardio – you either love it or you hate it. If you are a constant follower of this blog you’ve already learned from me that unless you enjoy the feeling like a hamster on a wheel, 20 minutes three times a week on any stationary cardio equipment is enough to be effective for most fitness goals. 434 more words

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Compound Lifts will keep you Safe!

Let’s talk about lifting some weights! I’m going to broach the subject of Compound Lifts. The Animal definition of a true Compound Lift is as follows; “a badass exercise that utilizes multiple muscles and has a substantial energy output resulting in massive Real Fitness Results!” So I’m not a scientist and my wording isn’t perfect but you get the point…Compound Lifting Rules! 1,008 more words


Starting Down the Road to Physical Transformation (Part 1)

So you’ve decided that it is time to make a change. You want to be the best physical version of yourself that you can be. The road to “weight loss” is daunting and society has instilled in us numerous misconceptions about how to achieve that goal. 2,161 more words


Skinny people need to exercise as well

Being a skinny fat person or metabolically obese is even worse than being a fit overweight person. If you’re a skinny you still need to get test done by a doctor such as… 191 more words

Three That Flap In The Wind (2015)

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