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A few weeks ago a new set of videos hit the YouTube universe where influential youtubers made videos sending a letter to their younger selves. I don’t make videos as I sound terrible on camera but I thought this was a sweet idea and as I haven’t written anything in a while I thought this would be a nice post while I try to get on top of the essays I have to do this holiday, enjoy :) 569 more words


Speed Bumps

There is a part of the journey into loving your whole self that many tend to not go into detail about. I don’t know if it is because of how painful the reality of it can be or if we generally do not want to acknowledge it due to the leaving the past in the past. 318 more words


Can't Buy Me Self-Love

Self-Love and Body Confidence are two topics that I think are extremely important and I think that they deserve to be talked about. I am so passionate about people having confidence in themselves and how they look. 1,397 more words


The Good, The Bad & all the Times I Felt Really, REALLY FAT

First off, I want to say thank you to everyone who has taken the time to stop in here. I am absolutely blown away by the amount of support and positive feedback I have received from you all! 1,391 more words

Body Confidence

I read this this morning and cried...

The ‘Her │Self’ project was created by Jennifer Bermon.

Jennifer asks women to look at a photo of themselves, and write down what they see. 95 more words

Favourite blogs: fuller figure, fuller bust

i adore this woman! Not only is she an advocate for, as her blog states, fuller figures and fuller busts, she is sassy, stylish and an all round addictive read. 116 more words


How Would You Feel?

The further into my journey that I get, the more research I do. I have a thirst for knowledge any way, especially when it comes to the psychology behind certain beliefs or stigmas. 365 more words