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Lemony Chicken Endive Boats

Tonight I grilled two chicken breasts. They were marinated in a tablespoon of almond oil, garlic and lemon pepper. I cubed the breasts and tossed them with fresh lemon grass and two tablespoons of plain Greek yogurt to fill several Endive boats! 7 more words

Body And Mind

Healthy beauty

To my mind healthy beauty needs to be understood as a bodymind phenomenon.
These inseparable twins comunicate on a cellular level: mind navigates body and the body sends signals to the mind about… 414 more words

I'm back

So I was away for a few months. I thought I didn’t need this space anymore, I thought I was fine.. Truth is, I need this space more than anything. 56 more words


What is wrong with me?

I’m hoping this blog is a therapeutic tool in my quest for self-awareness and equanimity.  Don’t know what equanimity means? Don’t worry, neither do I.  I’ve been chasing it my entire life.   373 more words

Body And Mind

Being vegetarian

Ok, here is the news: I am vegetarian again.

After my yoga retreat and the vegan diet, I felt that my body still needed animal proteins and I decided that vegan diet was not for me. 522 more words

Body And Mind

4 Simple Strategies To Strengthen Your Willpower

Do you ever find yourself compulsively spending? Do you ever procrastinate at work? Do you have the tendency to often choose for an unhealthy diet? You are definitely not alone. 531 more words

a paradise of unimaginable beauty

Our human faculties have wondrous qualities that can transform the pressures and frustrations of ordinary existence into  the bliss of the heaven realms here and now.

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