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I know every taste of you

I’ve licked the dips and valleys

Sucked the mound and peaks to extremes

Every curve knows my touch

The soft texture of your skin… 31 more words


Mr. Grey

Liven your world
with shades of red.
Taste paint dripping
off your lips.
Oh… Mr. Grey…
mind, body, soul.
Close your eyes
and touch my hips. 100 more words

Body And Mind

Healing body and mind...

Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche
Kum Nye Relaxation


Veins: A Badge of Dedication

Over the last year, I have been seeing improvements in my vascularity. Yes. I’m a woman and most things you will read about vascularity will tell you women don’t, or maybe shouldn’t want this. 300 more words

Body And Mind

Take Me There

On borrowed time.
Across the sky.
Take me there.
A permanent vacation.
Into sunset’s grasp.
Take me there.
Where colors float.
Paint with the sea. 24 more words

Body And Mind

a deep and abiding joy...

Feelings can be rich and nourishing,vital pathways to a deep and abiding joy
that calms the mind, balances the ups and downs of life,
and stabilizes us in the midst of difficulties.

29 more words