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Shift Your Perspective with Gratitude

Gratitude is a subject that is familiar to all. It is a practice, which is underestimated, by humanity. The motivational speaker, Dr John Demartini says, “What we thank about, we bring about.” 362 more words

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Access Higher Consciousness

You can use time to determine where your consciousness is at. When your consciousness is in a state of expansion, it feels like time speeds up. 453 more words

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So heavenly. An epic touch.
Seizing impressive lips.
Grandeur of my lavishness
from which a mouth will sip.

Glorious. Magnificent. Your
stare pins me to the floor. 29 more words

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Cooperative spirit between body and mind

Kum Nye’s path is gentler, quieter (than a tough ascetic approach.).

Its goal is to foster a cooperative spirit between the mind and body,
by introducing mind to the riches the body offers.

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BBQ Flank Steak and Honey Dijon Slaw

It is always nice to come home to the smell of good food simmering away in my crock pot. This is especially true when tired muscles need fuel! 46 more words

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X the Suicide Grip

On Sunday I started teaching my son about two grip types while I was training him. I want him to develop solid habits since now. These lessons will stick with him for life. 193 more words

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New ways of paying attention to embodiment

Kum Nye introduces new ways of thinking about and paying attention to embodiment.

Balancing the many sides of our human nature brings comfort, stabilizes meditation, and opens the door to a direct experience of non-duality.

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