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Deadlifts! Do they matter?

Written by:  Kevin Busch     Photo by:  Amber Karnes

Deadlifts are of those exercises that you either love or hate.  However, the question that remains is… are they important for your goals?   455 more words

VIES Magazine

~Felicia~ reblogged this on My Voyage Through Time and commented:

My answer is... Yes! Of course deadlifts matter!!! And yes indeed this is a lift that you can't fake. It isn't a lift for lazy people. If you aren't deadlifting, squatting and benching, do you even lift LoL? That is the real question!! Good write up Busch and excellent photo showing strict form Karnes!! ~~~F


I saw a picture of myself the other day, unfiltered.

I didn’t like it at first glance.

I looked, well, different than the me I remembered, or at least, the me I wanted to remember. 724 more words


I see now

What you ask is out-of-date

It can’t be done

And that is how you had me working like a dog

Doing what couldn’t be done… 212 more words



Close your eyes and
make a wish when you
blow my candles out.
Frosting is sweet. Warm
on your lips. A tasty treat
without a doubt. 98 more words

Body And Mind

New Year’s Evolution: 10 Steps for Maintaining a Youthful Mind andBody

1. Simplify an area of your life. (A new filing system, direct debit, hire a housekeeper.)

2. Invest 10% of your income on personal growth, development and training. 131 more words

Body And Mind

10 Pineal Gland and Post-Modernity

In this blog, I am planning to post my (and sometimes other’s if necessary) writings in such diverse categories as food, health, earth system change, childbirth & child care, education, art, history, etc. 579 more words

Pineal Gland

To praise the divine, to overcome the dullness of routine

By far, my life hasn’t been a fairy-tale, but rather continuous attempt to prove that our powers exceed the known limits we have put ourselves within.   953 more words