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Bodmin Moor: completing the jigsaw

In November 1993 the Bodmin Moor Commons Bill, a private bill promoted by Cornwall County Council, entered parliament.  It was ill-conceived and driven by money: the council wanted to create a body which could be legally responsible for managing the moor and receiving the agri-environment grants.   590 more words


A Week In Winter

  • Author: Marcia Willett
  • Published: October 2002 by Headline
  • Category: Contemporary Fiction, Romance

When Maudie Todhunter finally decides she must sell Moorgate, her beautiful farmhouse on the edge of Bodmin Moor, she anticipates strong objections from her family – particularly from Selina, her stepdaughter, with whom she has never seen eye to eye.

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Contemporary Fiction

Bodmin Moor

Wrapped up warm today after feeling the cold on yesterday’s walk. Hat, scarf, gloves, the lot! Warm as toast on my little trek over Bodmin Moor. 329 more words

Preserving the heritage of heritage: heritage ruins, or ruined heritage?

In his book ‘Heritage: Critical Approaches’ (2013), Rodney Harrison calls for society to take more consideration of how we can de-commission ‘heritage’. Arguing that ‘we live in a world in which heritage is ubiquitous’ Harrison is concerned with all the piling up of heterogeneous items, traces and practices of the past in the present. 800 more words


Photography 101. Todays assignment: Solitude – And The Rule of Thirds.

Hmmm. Tricky this one. I spent all morning thinking about solitary trees.

Then maybe a single apple on a plate, but that would have been a bit desperate! 179 more words

'Fell' running fun in Cornwall: Roughtor and Brown Willy, Bodmin Moor.

There aren’t many mountains in the South West of England but Brown Willy and Roughtor are about as close as you can get without leaving Cornwall. 409 more words