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Nepal, an early Manjushri

This rare sculpture depicts Manjushri as a chubby youth with broad facial features, seated on an Indian-style lion throne over a double-lotus base, with one leg pendant, his foot resting over a lotus flower attached to the pedestal. 103 more words

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Nepal, Avalokiteshvara - transitional period

Avalokiteshvara, with an effigy of Amitabha in his crown, holds his right hand in the gesture of generosity while placing the other against his hip. The museum has prudently labelled this piece 10th-12th century but it has aspects of the (earlier) Licchavi style,  such as the use of  dark bronze (painted with cold gold but not fire-gilt), the sobriety of the jewellery and garment, the round shoulders and thin waist.   65 more words

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Nepal, Vajrapani+Vajra Anuchara

This is one of a few sculptures depicting Vajrapani in his peaceful form, with his left hand placed on the head of his attendant, Vajra Anuchara, who crosses his arms over his chest. 226 more words

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Nepal, Shadakshari Lokeshvara - two styles

This aspect of Avalokiteshvara (particularly popular in Tibet) has four arms, the main ones joined in prayer at heart level. His upper right hand holds a lotus bud, his upper left hand normally holds a piece of rope or a lasso. 137 more words

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Preakness Starters' Names Evolve From An Involved Process

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — Coming up with a clever name for a thoroughbred can be a challenge — and not just creatively.

While parents simply put their choice of names for their child on a birth certificate and are done, registering a thoroughbred foal is not so easy. 683 more words


Preakness Stakes Post Position Draw

Early today, the field for the 140th Preakness Stakes was draw.  Here is how they will line up for the Second Jewel of the Triple Crown: 72 more words

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Tantric Buddha

The faces of the Bayon remain a mystery. Is it Brahma? Buddha? A bodhisattva? King Jayavarman VII? The answer is actually a Tantric invokation of a Buddha from the cosmic past… 61 more words

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