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Greg - Our Beloved Tomcat

Greg, I heard from mother that it’s your 12th day not going home… Where are you? We hope you are ok. If only you have sent yourself to the other side, please be safe. 104 more words


Today Is The Day

NEWS HOST: Today is another beautiful day in Uganda, let’s touch base with the Bobs to see what’s happening. Bob 3… Are you there?

BOB 3: I’m at the hospital today, which is significantly improved since last year. 443 more words


Year 1, Day 178

The very chunky looking Aurora 5 launches!

It reaches an apoapsis of 80k, and Jebediah circularizes the orbit. So far, so good! Jeb plots a course to Mun and starts the burn!

Year One

Kicking off July 4th Weekend with a New 'Do

A few posts ago, I talked about wanting to try out a new look. Well, it looks like I actually did the damn thing. Only instead of going for a “lob,” my stylist was all, “Eh, just go shorter, it’ll grow anyway,” and the low and behold, I walk out of the salon with a BOB. 184 more words

Post Grad

7-3-15 Update

I couldn’t catch my breath long enough to blog over the past days. Its been so crazy inside the BB house and my real life has been just as busy! 321 more words

Big Brother

Minions - Review. "Doesn't it feel so good to be bad?"

“Minions” is an entertaining stand alone film. Starring Kevin, Stuart and Bob, the three minions embark on their mission to find a new ‘boss’. After travelling far and wide, the three minions discover the ever so popular Scarlett Overkill (Sandra Bullock) and decide that she is the one for them. 112 more words