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Woodward and Bush

This is unsurprising to me but will be an outrage for many.

One of the oldest lessons of propaganda is that a lie repeated often enough eventually becomes truth. 297 more words

Even if Woodward Has it Right He Has it Wrong: Bush WMD

Bob Woodward is back in the news, apparently feeling the need to be relevant again.  After all, forty years is a long time.

I don’t know much about Bob Woodward other than his penchant to seemingly know a lot about a lot of private stuff and then talk a lot about it.   520 more words


Media Mashup: May 26, 2015


Charlie Blowhard, aka Charles Blow, may surpass the inanity of former Timesman Fox Butterfield. In a column on Memorial Day, only Mr. 483 more words

New York Times

Bob Woodward Shoots Down Story That Bush Lied to Get U.S. in Iraq War, Implies Obama Troop Pullout Was Wrong Move

This is from The Blaze.

How long before Bob Woodward gets taken to the woodshed for his comments and then backtracks on his statement?

Legendary journalist Bob Woodward shot down the notion that President George W. 295 more words

Ray McGovern: How to Honor Memorial Day

Exclusive: Of all the world’s holidays commemorating wars, Memorial Day should be one of sober reflection on war’s horrible costs, surely not a moment to glorify warfare or lust for more wars. 3,339 more words

Military Madness

Bush Didn’t Lie About Iraq & Obama Blew It

Investigative reporter and author Bob Woodward delivered an honest assessment of the War in Iraq today on FOX News Sunday. Bush did not lie and Barack Obama blew it. Read the rest

Bin Laden Had 'Rake Of Tyrone Books' In Personal Library Says US Intelligence Officials

US intelligence officials, who this week released more than 100 documents seized four years ago in the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan, revealed he possessed a fascination with Tyrone GAA as well as reading works by Islamist thinkers but also English language books by authors like Noam Chomsky and Bob Woodward. 225 more words