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Electric Dreams: Driving the BMW i8

Every once in a while there comes a car that captures your senses upon first sight and gets under your skin the moment you slide into the drivers seat. 1,692 more words


The Hybrid Problem

Last night whilst watching Top Gear I saw the BMW i8 and wow what a fantastic car, looks great and drives well. The batteries are low down giving it a great centre of balance and with two engines it has four wheel drive performance and grip. 569 more words


புதிய 'BMW i8' காரின் சிறப்பம்சங்கள் - நேரடி காட்சி - வீடியோ

புதிய காரின் சிறப்பம்சங்கள் – நேரடி காட்சி – வீடியோ

புதிய காரின் சிறப்பம்சங்கள் – நேரடி காட்சி – வீடியோ

ரூ.2.29 கோடி விலையுள்ள‍ பிஎம்டபிள்யூ ஐ8 ஹைபிரி ட் ஸ்போர்ட்ஸ் காரை 

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Getting creative with some very clever technology

I visited the Event Production show at Olympia yesterday and attended a seminar on using technology to enhance engagement.

The speaker, Anton Chrisodoulou, came armed with lots of great examples but two particularly stood out for me: 120 more words


So if you had to choose between a Tesla electric car and a BMW M3, what would you choose?

Now I don’t want to ramble on about Clarkson’s review of the BMW i8 too much but the final scenes of his drive to Whitby, where he decides whether to motor back home in the new BMW M3 or the i8, got me thinking. 180 more words


Just because Clarkson looked a prat charging the BMW i8 doesn't mean you have be the same in a Tesla

If you watched Clarkson faffing around comedy style with an charge point for the BMW i8 on Top Gear then you might be put off electric cars for good. 253 more words


Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson makes trivial car charging look like rocket science

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Where to begin? Top Gear, which is famous for sabotaging its Tesla Roadster review so badly it got sent to court, got its hands on a BMW i8 which is barely an electric car to begin with. 102 more words